White Stork- Aid for Ukraine-
The Bryan Adams Foundation is supporting refugees coming from Ukraine to Romania, following the conflict through a project called “White Stork-Aid for Ukraine”. The white stork is the national bird of Ukraine and a symbol of family, love and kindness; if one nests in your house it is supposed to bring good luck. This project will provide medical and other needed supplies to both incoming refugees in Romania and Ukrainians still in the country. All money will be spent purely on these physical items as logistical costs and expenses will be covered by a sponsor.
White Stork- Aid for Ukraine- Refugee project in Poland
May 2022
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a second grant to support the renovation of new accommodation for Ukrainian refugees, hosted by a family in Poland. The money will allow the family to convert the roof space in to 2 bedrooms. So far they have helped 32 Ukrainians plus dogs and cats and one of the women who was originally hosted has now given birth to her baby boy.

April 2022

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to support the costs of living expenses for a family looking after refugees in Poland. The funds will help cover the costs of coal and gas to fuel the house, as these costs have increased dramatically in recent times, and the weather is still cold. So far, this family have helped 10 people, 2 dogs and a cat, and they are welcoming soon a family of four from Charkov and next week six people from Lvov. One of the people they recently gave accommodation to was a woman who was 8 months pregnant.

November 2022

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to fund the cost of 3 diesel generators to send to Ukraine.
Operation SafeDrop
November 2022

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to help deliver aid to locations across Ukraine via Operation SafeDrop / MAD Foundation, which is currently operating weekly runs to all front line cities, especially newly liberated territories where the demand for aid and evacuations is extremely high. .