Gaza crisis
January 2024

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made donations towards five different organisations working to help look after children in the current devastating humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Children are paying the price for a conflict they have no part in.

The Foundation has supported Hoping Foundation, UNICEF, British Red Cross, Save the Children and Palestine Children's Relief Fund.
VSPCA- Vincentian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
November 2023

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation to the Vincentian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, a volunteer-run organisation in St Vincent & the Grenadines working to address rampant dog and cat overpopulation through spay/neuter/wellness clinics and cultivate kindness through Humane Education programmes as well as respond etc cruelty and neglect cases through rescuing and rehabilitation efforts.
Spirit North, Canada
November 2023

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation to Spirit North. Spirit North transforms the lives of Indigenous youth. By inviting them to discover their strengths through sport and play, we help youth find the courage to take on any challenge, develop leadership skills, improve their health and wellness, discover new talents and unlock their limitless potential.
Musicounts, Canada
November 2023

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation to MusiCounts, Canada's music education charity. MusiCounts' vision is to ensure that all youth in Canada have access to music education through their schools and communities. This vision is realized through grant programs that invest directly into schools and communities across Canada that put musical instruments into the hands of kids who need them the most. Additionally, MusiCounts creates educational resources for teachers and students; empowers young people to pursue music as a career; and celebrates teachers, artists, and philanthropists who champion music education. Since 1997 MusiCounts has awarded over $16,000,000 in support of music education in Canada.
January 2023

The Bryan Adams Foundation has continued its work to support St The Grenadines Environment Fund, which promotes the preservation of the beauty and natural value of this group of islands. Amongst its areas of focus are marine conservation and biodiversity.
Covenant House, Vancouver
November 2020
The Bryan Adams Foundation is supporting Covenant House’s “Rights of Passage”
housing program that supports youth who wish to transition to more independent living.
The isolation and uncertainty created by the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown have had negative mental health implications for Covenant House’s youth, many of whom already struggle with severe anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health disorders.
Components of the housing programme include Mental health care with support from registered clinical counsellors, recreation activities, christmas presents, life skill training such as meal plans and laundry, home start up supplies, education support and career guidance.

January 2015
The Bryan Adams Foundation is continuing its support for another year with 2 days of support for Covenant House’s 25 youth in their Rights of Passage care.

January 2014
The Bryan Adams Foundation continues its support of Covenant House with a grant to fund 2 days of Rights of Passage care, which is a transitional housing programme providing young people with six months to two years of support as they complete their final step before becoming truly independent. Its 25 beds provide structure, counselling and time to learn and practice new life skills and behaviour in a safe, supportive home.

January 2013
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a further grant to Covenant House to support 24 hours in their 54-bed Crisis Shelter supporting Vancouver's homeless youth.

June 2012
Bryan took time out from his Canadian tour to have a tour of Covenant House in Vancouver to see first-hand the impact his donation will make.  

May 2012
Covenant House Vancouver offers a clear exit from life on the street to youth aged 13-24.
The BA Foundation has pledged support to fully cover an entire day in their Crisis Shelter for up to 54 homeless people. The Crisis Shelter is the second step in the continuum of care, providing sanctuary from the streets and structure for young people desperately needing to make changes in their life.

While in this programme, young people meet with a youth worker twice per day and work towards an individualised plan to exit the streets. The young people face many challenges and barriers to employment and independent living. These individualised plans or 'Covenant Agreements' are made in partnership with each young person and are designed to systematically remove or manage these barriers such as substance misuse, mental health issues, little-to-no work experience and often even the lack of basic life-skills or a high school education. This agreement binds them to each young person in the spirit of unconditional love and Covenant House do everything within their power to help them reach their goals as long as they agree to help themselves.

July 2010

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Covenant House which supports homeless youth in Vancouver. The grant will support one young person in Covenant House's 'Continuum of Care' for a year.

Founded in 1997 Covenant House Vancouver offers a clear exit from life on the street to youth aged 13 - 24. They make this possible through a carefully designed continuum of care including Street Outreach, a Drop-in Centre, a 54 bed Crisis Shelter, transitional housing, mental health support, drug & alcohol counseling and life-skills training. They work with approximately 1,900 homeless young people a year.
St Vincent & The Grenadines Sailing Association
September 2022
The Bryan Adams Foundation has provided funding to sponsor a young sailor from St Vincent to enter the Youth World Championships 2023. The funding will help cover her coaching fees and travel and accommodation to compete internationally in larger fleets and cooler climates to prepare for the Championships.

August 2022

SVGSA is committed to a sailing program that teaches sailing skills within the community. he Grenadines Sail Camp involved 7 camps in total, run on 6 islands, with over 70 sailors participating, some brand new sailors and some returning to improve their skills. The main aim of the camps was to have fun, but also to discover talent, be it to represent SVG in international competitions or to gain vocational qualifications for careers in the industry.

April 2022

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to support the SVG Sailing Association’s “Grenadines Summer Sail Camp Tour 2022”. The children will be learning in Optimist sailing dinghies and they will have 2 O’pen Skiff boats for more advanced sailors. Buoyancy aids and two safety boats will be provided for a secure environment.
The Tereza Maxova Foundation
June 2022

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to The Tereza Maxova Foundation to support their work with Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic. To date, up to 500,000 refugees have arrived in the Czech Republic from Ukraine, half of whom are children, so the Tereza Maxova Foundation aims to support their education and the integration of the children and their parents in to society. The Foundation aims to create children’s playgroups for the pre-school children to allow language learning and psychological support, and allowing their parents the chance to find and retain a job. The Foundation is also providing Ukrainian-speaking psychologists and eduators for the accommodation centres where families are staying to help the children deal with their new environment and sometimes even the loss within their family.

October 2008:

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to support the Foundation launched by the Czech model, Tereza Maxova, in 1997 to help abandoned children in Prague. Tereza is passionate about making a difference to the lives of these children who have become helpless through no fault of their own. The foundation supports the children not only in their material shortcomings, but also with therapy, education and helping the children find direction in their lives. The foundation tries to keep a child with his or her biological family where at all possible and otherwise tries to find a new home to act as a substitute family. And for those young people who have spent the majority of their lives in institutional care, the Foundation supports them as they make the transition in to outside life afterwards.

April 2015
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a further grant in support of The Tereza Maxova Foundation.

The Louis Dundas Centre for Palliative Care at Great Ormond Street Hospital
June 2022

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to GOSH to support their specialist palliative care team, bringing together clinical expertise, psychosocial support and academic research to ensure children and their families receive the highest standard of care when living with a life-threatening or life-shortening illness.
The Brain Tumour Charity
June 2022

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to The Brain Tumour Charity to support research being carried out at Cambridge University in to a type of rare, aggressive paediatric brain tumours. No new treatments for these types of tumour have been developed in the last 30 years, so the Children’s Brain Tumour Centre of Excellence is development completely new brain tumour therapies to help provide children with these tumours and their families, hope for more effective treatments and ultimately increased survival.
St Benedict Orphanage- St Vincent and Grenadines
April 2022

The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported St Benedict’s in St Vincent with a grant to develop the musical talent of some of the children in their care. The weekly music lessons will help the children develop, increasing their confidence and stimulating them.
March 2022

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Place2Be, a children’s mental health charity working with pupils, families and staff in UK schools. Their services include one-to-one counselling, group counselling, a self-referral service available to every student in the school and whole-school psycho-education sessions.
Hoping Foundation
May 2021

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Hoping Foundation to support three separate projects:

Back to School Bags Programme, Balata Camp, the occupied West Bank:
Each year, HOPING sponsors a ‘Back to School’ bags programme at the Yafa Cultural Centre in Balata refugee camp, to provide bags full of books and stationery to 600 of the neediest children in the camp. The programme is coordinated by volunteers, with the grant of £8,000 going directly to purchasing the bags and stationery.

Palestinian Rugby League Programme, Lebanon:
HOPING contributes an annual grant of £7,500 towards the programme that runs in Palestinian refugee camps across the country. The funds cover sports kit, the cost of hiring pitches, as well as travel to and from practice and tournaments.

University Scholarship Programme, Gaza and the occupied West Bank:
HOPING supports scholarships for two Palestinian refugees, one from Gaza and one from the occupied West Bank. The scholarships are life changing for these young Palestinians, who have grown up under continued blockade, occupation, and major armed conflicts.
Hoping Foundation

October 2020

The Bryan Adams Foundation contributed to rugby league training for boys and girls in Palestinian Refugee camps across Lebanon. Rugby provides these young Palestinian refugees with the opportunity to release stress from their daily lives, learn the values of teamwork, strengthen their courage and discipline. It also gives them the chance to meet people from communities outside the camps, build networks, and enjoy celebrating with the opposite team at the end of the game.

August 2012

The 'Back to School Bags' project provides school bags full of stationary and books to Palestinian refugee children in Balata Refugee Camp, West Bank. Hundreds of satchels are purchased through the Yafa Cultural Centre at the heart of the community who distribute them to the neediest children in elementary and secondary school in time for the start of the new school year.
The Big Issue Foundation
May 2021
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to The Big Issue Foundation to coincide with the launch of Bryan’s exhibition, “Homeless” at Atlas Gallery in London.

March 2020
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to support The Big Issue Foundation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

July 2019

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to The Big Issue Foundation supporting the services that they provide for Big Issue vendors through their frontline service team. From office bases in Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bristol, London, Nottingham and Oxford their frontline workers - Service Brokers - are trained to accurately identify the health, housing, employment and other support needs of Big Issue vendors and provide expert information, advice and guidance in response to these needs.
-10 could provide an hour of one to one support to enable Big Issue vendors to access housing, finance, health and wellbeing services.
-50 could buy a Big Issue vendor a new suit and shoes for a job interview.
-100 could contribute towards a starter pack for a Big Issue vendor ready to move into their new home.
-500 could fund an education, training and/or employment course for a vendor when they feel ready to move on from the Big Issue.
-1,000 could contribute towards a Theme Week enabling Big Issue vendors to improve their health and finances.
The Dugout, Vancouver
March 2021

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to The Dugout to support its provision of food and drink at this time for the disadvantaged residents of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The Dugout offers a “Community Living Room” - a place where people can come to have a snack and a coffee off the street or away from the isolation that many experience.
Help Musicians
November 2020

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Help Musicians' Financial Hardship Funding, supporting thousands of musicians struggling financially as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Bryan is an Ambassador of Help Musicians.

Help Musicians, who have already granted over £11 million in Hardship Funding to a growing number of musicians since the pandemic took hold, are experiencing continuing need from the thousands of musicians who are unable to survive due to Coronavirus performance restrictions. Over 18,000 musicians have received funding from the charity since March. A new Help Musicians-conducted poll of over 1,300 UK musicians has found that 96 per cent have lost the majority of their income during the pandemic, whilst over half of respondents are currently earning nothing whatsoever from music. Their new research shows almost half of musicians are already worried about losing the roof over their head and their options to find alternative jobs are severely limited because the economy is in recession. Help Musicians’ Coronavirus Financial Hardship Funding Phase 3 provides financial support to professional musicians who fall through the gaps of government support or are unable to make ends meet.

(previously Musicians Benevolent Fund)

September 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has continued its support of Help Musicians UK for their "Love Music: Help Musicians" crisis campaign. Bryan visited the headquarters of the charity and met with staff, along with some musicians who have benefitted from the support of the charity.

June 2013

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a repeat grant to the 'Love Music: Help Musicians' campaign, helping musicians in crisis the immediate support they need.

February 2012

The Foundation has supported the Musicians Benevolent Fund in the UK with their 'Love Music: Help Musicians Campaign' raising funds to help musicians facing either a professional or a personal crisis.

Their crisis work supports musicians who are struggling to cope financially when they can't work because of a short term physical or psychological illness or injury, helping them get back to work wherever possible. Where that's not possible they can help with re-training costs. They also support those coming to terms with living with a degenerative illness and their families. In 2011, they gave crisis support to 170 professional musicians, an increase in demand of 80% compared to 2010.
Royal Court Theatre, London
September 2020

The Royal Court Theatre in London has been closed for months due to Covid, but is re-opening its doors from November with a new socially distanced live performance, “Living Newspaper: A Counter Narrative” in spaces around the building. The six editions of living newspapers for our times will be led by writers working with freelance artists- actors, designers, stage managers, technicians and choreographers. The aim is to give as many people as possible work, bring the theatre back to life and create something radical and dynamic.

June 2016

The Royal Court is the Writers' Theatre and is committed to entirely new work that is provocative, searching, urgent and experimental. They seek out and develop the world’s best playwrights, undiscovered, emerging and established, supplying them with the time and resources that they need to contribute to our cultural environment.

Their writers’ groups are at the centre of their programme of finding and developing new writing talent. They are recognised as leader in opening up the art of playwriting to all. They find and develop talent across ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, geography. The stories their writers emphasise our common humanity. They continue to aim to reach aspiring artists of all ages and walks of life, training and supporting them to hone and develop their craft, here, nationally and internationally.
Thomas's Foundation
July 2020
The Bryan Adams Foundation made a grant to Thomas’s Foundation to support a Summer School programme for disadvantaged pupils from primary schools in Battersea and Kensington in London to enable them to get back in to classrooms, to re-establish learning routines and catch up on missed lessons caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Covid-19 Support
April 2020

The Bryan Adams Foundation is supporting three primary schools in London with resources to help get families through the UK lockdown. The schools are distributing packs of craft and textbooks for home-schooling and reading books. The Foundation has also made a grant to The Big issue Foundation, which safeguards the health, housing and finances of vendors affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as helping maintain positive relationships with support networks and reduce social isolation amongst Big Issue vendors unable to work on the streets at this time. 
Park Walk Primary School, London
September 2019

The Bryan Adams Foundation has co-funded the redevelopment of the playground at Park Walk Primary School in London SW10.  

The project has been designed and constructed by Made From Scratch working closely with architects Foster + Partners.
The central multi-level play structure has been inspired by the concept of harvest mice that may live in their nests in and around sunflower fields that form the school's emblem.  This structure provides locomotor, risky physical play and an opportunity for many games and socio-dramatic play up in the nests. A network of nets, tightropes and high-level balance beams allow for relaxing, socialising and gymnastic manoeuvres. A climbing wall, and roman rings provide an arena for upper body strength. A basket swing and fireman pole provide for the spinning, twisting movements vital for sensory maturation of the child’s brain and limbs. The structure is compact due to the multi-levelled nature but provides a naturalistic yet beautiful centrepiece to the playground, with unique oak woven "pods" forming the mice nests. 

The existing playground shelter has been refurbished to create an outdoor library, with woodland garden where a treehouse structure with double platforms, seating stumps, a den making area and a sculptural living willow pod has been installed to create a calm natural sanctuary for imaginative play. 

Inspired by the desire of the school community to provide an arena for running opportunities for the children, a Parkour area includes curved timber tracks and geometric banks up against the school wall, to maximise the surface area for leaping, jumping and running.

The sports pitch area has been levelled and covered with needle punch sports carpeting with impact absorbing subsurface. The markings are inlayed for football and netball, with additional new planters, trees, hardwood benches complemented by a refurbished welcoming entrance area with clear markings to direct school visitors to the reception area. 

The Bryan Adams Foundation is very grateful to the following for their involvement and huge support in this project:
Foster + Partners
Made From Scratch
Hans and Julia Rausing
Raffy Manoukian
The Tanlaw Foundation

Photo Credit: Aaron Hargreaves
Broadway Cares
October 2018

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Broadway Cares, one of America’s leading industry-based, nonprofit AIDS fundraising and grant-making organisations. By drawing upon the talents, resources, and generosity of the American theatre community, since 1988 BC/EFA has raised more than $300 million for essential services for people with AIDS and other critical illnesses across the United States.
The Sarah McLachlan School of Music, Canada
May 2018
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to The Sarah McLachlan School of Music, which provides high quality music instruction for at-risk and under-served children and youth who would not otherwise have access. As well as teaching music, the school also teaches respect, equality, empathy and the importance of being active engaged community members. The school is celebrating its 17th year of programming in Vancouver and 3rd year in Edmonton. 90% of the families face financial barriers to accessing music education and half the students suffer from anxiety, depression or have been bullied at school. The school offers 700 hours of music lessons at no cost to each student who enrols.
Syria Relief
May 2018

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Syria Relief, which provides medical care, food aid, education and training since the start of the Syrian crisis in 2011. It aims to support millions of Syrians who have been affected by the on-going crisis and in the process help reduce the mass migration from Syria.
Duchenne UK
May 2018

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Duchenne UK, which funds and accelerates treatments and a cure for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD is a devastating muscle wasting disease and is the most common genetic killer of children worldwide. Duchenne UK aims to eradicate it in ten years.
Westminster Abbey
November 2017

Westminster Abbey is undertaking an exciting project to build a new museum and gallery: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries, in the Abbey’s Medieval Triforium. The gallery runs 70 ft above the Abbey floor, and has been hidden to the public for over 700 years. The new galleries will give visitors magnificent views to the Palace of Westminster and into the church, displaying treasures and collections reflecting the Abbey's rich and varied thousand-year history.
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to fund a chronological reconstruction film to be shown in the new Galleries, which will open in 2018.
School Food Matters
October 2017

School Food Matters campaigns for fresh sustainable food in schools and promotes food education through cooking, growing and visits to farms. Owing to their successful campaigns in London schools, they are now able to influence govermement policy on school food. Their strength lies in their ability to work closely with parents, schools and local authorities to bring about lasting change.
Bowel & Cancer Research
June 2017

Bowel cancer is the second biggest cancer killer and takes a life the equivalent of every half an hour. Yet despite the serious impact of bowel disease, it receives about half the funding that its impact merits. The Bryan Adams Foundation made a grant to Bowel & Cancer Research to fund research in the UK to investigate new ideas.
St Mary's Paddington PICU, London
February 2017

The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported St Mary's Paddington Hospital's More Smiles Appeal to upgrade their Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). Their unit is over 20 years old and in desperate need of renovation, upgrading and expansion.  They have eight intensive care beds, which in the Winter rises to 10 to meet the seasonal increase in demand.  Each year they have to turn away more than 200 critically ill children and young people through lack of beds.   Many of whom will have to travel as far afield as Birmingham or even Glasgow to find a bed with the added stress this brings to their parents.

The new Unit will be a state of the art facility and they will increase the number of permanent intensive care beds from 8 to 15 so that they hope never to have to turn away a critically ill patient who needs their expert help.  They will also increase the space around each bed to give easier access for consultants and nursing staff.  There will be a new spacious parents room and a dedicated consulting room as well as modern staff facilities and equipment storage space.   They will more than double the area of the current Unit.
Wild Bird Aid, UK
January 2017

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Wild Bird Aid, to help with the rescue, rehabilitation and release of native birds in the UK.
Mary's Meals
October 2016

1,187,104 children around the world are now receiving Mary's Meals each day.
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation which will feed 81 children for a full school year.
Mary's Meals has one goal: that every child receives a nutritious daily meal in a place of education.These life-changing meals attract hungry children into the classroom. The food fills their empty bellies so they have the energy and opportunity to learn, giving them the chance of a brighter future. The meals also support families struggling to feed their children while boosting the country’s wider economy.
Their school feeding programmes are owned and run by community volunteers in the countries where they provide food. For example, there are over 65,000 volunteers in Malawi who take turns to prepare, cook and serve the daily meal in each school.Wherever possible, they serve locally produced food. This supports the local community and its farmers as well as the wider economy.
Cure International UK
CURE International works in developing countries to transform the lives of children with correctable disabilities through surgery and compassionate care. The Bryan Adams Foundation have made a grant to help provide surgeries for children in low-income countries who suffer unnecessarily with conditions such as crooked spines, bow legs, neglected clubfeet and hydrocephalus ('water on the brain'). 

One operation is often all it takes to transform the life of a child so that they can go to school and lead an independent life.
Opera & Picnic
July 2016

The Bryan Adams Foundation will split the funds raised from ‘An Evening of Opera & Picnic’ on 7th June between the following 3 charities:

Chelsea Academy Foundation
Despite the Academy’s location in the heart of one of London’s wealthiest neighbourhoods, its students are from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds with over 45 distinct categories. 11% students have Special Educational Needs, 43% have English as an Additional Language, and over 56% are in receipt of pupil premium funding. Each year local children arrive at the Academy to find their passions, make friends for life, and develop into well-rounded individuals. Careful management of the Academy’s budget means it can deliver on its first priority to provide an excellent academic education. However, it cannot stretch to providing all the opportunities and experiences it would like for its students.
Chelsea Academy Foundation aims to raise enough money to ensure that
students have the life skills and aspirations to successfully begin their journeys
and flourish into exceptional, well-rounded members of society.

The funds raised will be allocated by Chelsea Academy Foundation to 'The Access Project", aiming to increase the proportion of students from "Free School Meals" (FSM) backgrounds going on to highly selective universities. Currently 15% of secondary school pupils in the UK are eligible for Free School Meals, but these students make up only 2% of England's 25 most selective universities. The Access Project believes every child in the UK should have an equal opportunity to achieve their academic ambitions. They address this problem with one-to-one tuition by matching high-flying graduates with students from disadvantaged areas for weekly academic tutorials. These sessions help their students achieve better grades (two thirds of a grade per subject more progress than their peers). And a dedicated member of The Access Project staff is based in school to deliver university support and enrichment activities which equip students with the skill and information they need to win places at top universities. 63% of students going through The Access Project go on to study at highly selective universities- this is significantly higher than independent schools (48%) and far higher than the maintained sector average (18%).

Borne is a medical charity that supports research to reduce the number of
preterm births. Preterm birth is the number one cause of infant mortality and disability
worldwide. More children die as a consequence of preterm birth than from AIDS or malaria.
Overall, each year, 15 million babies are born preterm and over one million die. Many of those that survive suffer life-long disabilities. Borne was founded to find solutions to these devastating global problems. Unlike other health problems, such as cancer and heart disease, preterm birth is neither well understood nor well funded. In the UK alone, premature birth costs the NHS £2.6 billion every year. Keeping all preterm babies in the womb for just one more week would save lives, prevent disability and save the NHS £265 million per annum.
Since its creation, Borne has succeeded in identifying potential treatments to reduce the risk of preterm birth. If the success in the laboratory is matched in the clinical trials, then Borne funded research will substantially reduce the risk of preterm labour.

The Royal Hospital Chelsea
The Royal Hospital Chelsea is the home of the Chelsea Pensioners. For over
three hundred years, the Royal Hospital Chelsea has provided a welcoming
home and a way of life for thousands of soldiers in their old age. They have
also preserved for the nation the architectural legacy left by Charles II and
Sir Christopher Wren. Today some 320 army veterans call the Royal Hospital
Chelsea home, including those who have served in Korea, the Falkland Islands,
Cyprus, Northern Ireland and World War II. Others may not have served in
campaigns, but all understand what it means to be a soldier and the potential
sacrifice that it entails.
Founded in 1682 by King Charles II and intended for the ‘succour and relief
of veterans broken by age and war’, the Royal Hospital, with its Grade 1 listed
buildings, still serves its original purpose and intends to continue to further its
role well into the 21st Century.
Chelsea Children’s Hospital Charity
May 2016

The Bryan Adams Foundation had made a grant to Chelsea Children’s Hospital in London to help them to continue to care for the 70,000 children and families who visit Chelsea Children’s Hospital every year by providing enhanced equipment and services which wouldn’t otherwise be available.     
April 2016

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a transfer to UNHCR in support of the global refugee crisis.

In a time when the world is witnessing unprecedented numbers of families forced to flee their homes, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, now urgently needs to shelter refugees.  This is why The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported UNHCR’s Nobody Left Outside campaign to ensure that refugees receive the shelter and protection they so desperately need.
With our help, UNHCR is committed to ensuring that there is Nobody Left Outside of UNHCR’s protection or thoughts.  UNHCR does this by delivering life-saving shelter where it is needed most, safeguarding human rights and developing solutions that ensure people have a safe place to call home and build a better future.
The donation made can facilitate the construction of six family homes for refugees in Rwanda using pioneering, environmentally friendly hydra-formed mud bricks.
Save the Children
April 2016

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Save the Children to support children in Egypt.

Save the Children has been working in Egypt since 1982 supporting children and their communities through health, child protection and education projects.   
Recently, Egypt has been suffering hugely from the life threatening flooding that hit the Delta Region, which has devastatingly resulted in children and their families losing such key basic items from their homes. Stagnant water collected in playgrounds and around schools which limited the accessibility of children to their schools.  The destruction has been immense.  The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported Save the Children’s Emergency Fund to focus their efforts on rebuilding the lives of children and their communities, in Montazah district, of Alexandria.  They have responded rapidly by distributing simple items such as hygiene kits, mattresses and blankets, reaching 1,225 families.  This has massively helped reduce the risk of health problems that would have resulted from poor hygiene practices, and to provide some of the arising needs due to the bitterly cold weather that Alexandria witnesses. 
Save the Children is also responding to the Syrian refugee crisis in Egypt, and has reached 41,000 people so far, including 25,000 children, through the setting up of much needed Child Friendly Spaces for children to be able to learn and play.
Thomas’s Schools Foundation (TSF)
February 2016

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to TSF for a project called ‘Bang the Drum’ to provide 6 weeks school based sessions and 1 day workshops for a primary school in London, culminating with a performance at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. There will be a world record attempt for the largest group drumming ensemble including groups from London, former street children from 22 countries and live streaming of groups across the UK.

September 2016
Bryan Adams attended a concert put on by Year 5 students from Colville Primary School and Wolmholt Park Primary School. The children sung Bryan's song "Bang the Drum".

June 2017
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to TSF to help enable art psychotherapists to attend local primary schools and community centres close to the Grenfell Tower immediately and over the summer months.
Water Aid
January 2016

WaterAid’s mission is to transform the lives of the poorest and most marginalised people by improving access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. By working with local partners, influencing governments and using practical technologies in communities, our aim is that everyone, everywhere has access to water and sanitation by 2030.

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to a project entitled “Madagascar: Transforming the lives of rural communities”. This three year project will reach people in two rural municipalities of the Tsiroanomandidy district, in central Madagascar. This district has some of the poorest rates of access to water and toilets in the world. As well as delivering access to water, sanitation and hygiene, this project will focus on building the communities’ capacity to sustain the new facilities. The project will reach 35,000 people with safe water, 8,800 people with improved sanitation and 8,800 people with hygiene promotion.
British Red Cross- Europe Refugee Crisis
September 2015

The number of people displaced by violence and conflict today is the highest since World War II, reaching nearly 60 million people. This is a humanitarian crisis. Food, water and medical assistance are urgently needed in countries along the routes people are using to flee.
Many of those arriving on the shores of Europe are escaping conflict, violence and persecution and have survived horrific journeys, taking great personal risks to get here. This year there has been a dramatic rise in people attempting the crossing from the Middle East & North Africa to Europe , nearly 3,000 people have died crossing the Mediterranean Sea in an attempt to find safety.
Globally, one in every 122 humans is now either a refugee, internally displaced or seeking asylum. If this were the population of a country, it would be the world’s 24th largest.

In Europe, Red Cross national societies are providing humanitarian assistance along the routes which are most commonly used by those seeking asylum. The British Red Cross supports refugees in a wide variety of ways, from offering emergency provisions to those facing severe hardship to giving orientation support and friendly advice to the most vulnerable.
Prince’s Teaching Institute
July 2015

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to The Prince’s Teaching Institute, which reinspires teachers to fall in love with teaching again and go the extra mile to inspire, challenge and motivate their pupils. The funds will go towards a project which will put forty Heads of Department for Music and Art from state schools through a 3 year programme to re-ignite their passion, confidence and enjoyment of music and art. By inspiring teachers, their unique model builds enthusiasm and curiosity in the classroom, enriching experience and promoting creative and imaginative approaches to music and art. At least 30,000 children will benefit.

June 2016
The Bryan Adams Foundation has renewed its pledge to The Prince’s Teaching Institute in support of their core Music and Art programme to help support the heads of 45 Music and Art departments during the 2016/2017 Academic year. 100% of Music heads who attended the November Residential found that attending the course was a valuable experience, believed it would make them a better teacher and have a positive impact on their students. By joining the 3-year PTI Schools Programme, these heads have committed to increased subject rigour and challenge for their students.
Ashburnham Primary School, London
March 2014

The BA Foundation has made a donation to Ashburnham Primary School to fund the purchase of essential books and outdoor play equipment.

Ashburnham is a state community school with a nursery offering education to children from 3.5 to 11 years. With children coming from more than 40 countries, Ashburnham is a little slice of today’s diverse world.

July 2015

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to fund the redevelopment of the outside area of the nursery department of Ashburnham. The architects firm, FCB Studios, have kindly agreed to design the area pro-bono and The Bryan Adams Foundation is very grateful to them. The design includes an outdoor rubber crumb finish, logs set in a circle for children to sit on under the tree, hanging musical instruments, an installation for sitting in and on, and growing things in and on and exploring. The surface will have different textures and mounds in places for the children to climb.

Autumn 2015

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to fund a term of music lessons for the nursery children with Pippa's Poppets Music & Movement Classes.

September 2017
The Bryan Adams Foundation has spear-headed the redevelopment of Ashburnham’s playground. The new green ‘carpet’ of artificial grass has transformed the urban space in to a safer and more enjoyable place for the children to play and learn. The central climbing area is designed to give the feeling of a jungle vine with ‘climbing vines’, high jungle bridges, balancing beams and a multitude of ways to experience challenge and access the entire play curriculum.

November 2017
Bryan Adams officially opened the new playground at Ashburnham on 3rd November as the children got a first taste of the recently transformed school grounds. The project was designed by architects Foster + Partners working closely with playground designers Made From Scratch. It replaces asphalt play areas with a dynamic mix of hard and soft surfaces, natural vegetation, and specially designed play structures for the school children, while also incorporating state-of-the-art sports courts.

The beach sandpit is landscaped with boulders and untreated timber, and has a hardwood canopy that collects rainwater. This feeds a series of custom built steel and timber troughs, allowing children to interact and experiment with different materials, and creating a sensory environment for learning and play. A nest swing hidden in a bamboo grove, and a living willow pod perched on a platform create a hidden oasis within the school grounds, built with natural and sustainable materials.

The main climbing structure is over four meters high, and has been inspired by the idea of a dense ‘jungle’ that the children can climb up, under and through. This tangle of logs, balance beams, rope bridges, nets and green climbing vines is non-prescriptive in form, and can become anything the imagination allows, while providing varied physical challenges as children navigate the structure.

A timber treehouse, handcrafted from hardwood, nestles up the largest tree in the school grounds. Sympathetically responding to the form of the tree, it provides a high vantage point over the new playground, and a den for imaginative and socio-dramatic play. Situated at the end of the new sports pitches, is a new landscaped amphitheatre, large enough accommodate a whole class for outdoor lessons, or as an informal viewing area for the sports pitches.
The landscaping of the playgrounds has been carefully designed to include trees and a shrubbery that are low maintenance, yet provide seasonal variety throughout the year. The planting has been carefully planned to counteract air and noise pollution from the surrounding streets. Vegetable patches enrich the learning process, while the storage and lighting strategies have also been rationalised throughout the play areas.

The Bryan Adams Foundation is very grateful to the following for their involvement and huge support in this project:
Foster + Partners
Made From Scratch
The David Ross Foundation
Global Lingo Ltd
Raffy Manoukian
The Amber Trust
May 2015

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation to The Amber Trust, a charity that provides musical opportunities for blind or partially sighted children with a love for music. Music can add so much to their lives. Many of them also have severe learning difficulties and for them, music therapy can offer them a lifeline. The funds will go towards providing music therapy sessions for a group of children who are profoundly disabled in addition to having severe visual impairment.  Two of the boys are in the later stages of the life limiting neurological disease Batten Disease.
British Red Cross- Nepal Earthquake Appeal
May 2015

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation to British Red Cross to support the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Nepal Red Cross volunteers are searching for survivors, providing first aid to the wounded and running blood banks.

BRC has released the stock from its warehouses in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai to support the response, including: 7,800 blankets, 5,086 Hygiene kits, 8,100 Jerry cans, 1,368 Kitchen sets, 14,095 Tarpaulins and 1,000 Shelter toolkits.
Petit Bordel Police Youth Club, St Vincent
April 2015

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to fund the purchase of 100 T-shirts for the Petit Bordel Police Youth Club in St Vincent. For children ranging from 8 to 25 years of age. The purpose is to assist in the wholesome development of the Nation’s youths, to steer them away from a life of violence and crime.
Both Ends Burning
January 2015

Both Ends Burning is dedicated to defending every child’s human right to a permanent loving family. Their specific focus is children living outside of parental care and children at risk of becoming separated from their families. Although billions of dollars are spent every year to help the world’s children, it is astounding that relatively little is focused on helping children to come into permanent families. Both Ends Burning collaborates with government authorities and like-minded child welfare organizations to ensure children living outside of parental care no longer do so. By promoting private and public assistance, our goal is to create new operations that will enable children to come into permanent loving families.

Operating in the best interest of every child, theyseek to:

• Assist families whose children are at risk
• Reunify children separated from their families
• Find new families for children who cannot be reunified
• Support children as they transition to permanent families
• Provide emergency support for children in crisis
• Protect children from trafficking, abuse and unethical practices
Street Child
December 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Street Child to support their work with the ebola crisis in West Africa. Street Child has been responding to ebola since the first cases appeared in Spring 2014 but as the impact of the disaster, and scale of unmet need, has become starker, the charity started radically scaling its ebola response in August 2014 . There have already been thousands of cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone and Liberia, the two principal nations in which Street Child works. The governments of both nations have declared a State of National Emergency. They are supporting the day-to-day, essential human needs of individuals and households whose lives and livelihoods have been terribly affected: either by ebola itself; or by the effect of dramatic quarantine and other anti-Ebola measures and consequences. Typical support is through provisions as basic as dry rations and water. Ebola is entering and progressing in vulnerable communities through  lack of information and non-acceptance of the basic facts about the virus and how to protect oneself from it. There is an urgent need for these vital messages to be spread. As well as key information and advice on basic hygiene practices, Street Child is providing buckets, soap and chlorine to actually enable communities to take positive steps to increase hygiene and reduce prospects for the spread of the virus in their area. 

July 2016
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a further grant to Street Child to help support a project called "After Ebola- Girls Speak Out". The project wants to help a minimum of 20,000 children in Sierra Leone and Liberia to access quality higher education - of which 5,000 are girls who would otherwise be highly likely to drop out. We will do this through counselling and advocacy (issues such as early marriage and gender equality), education and business grants (to ensure sustainability), training and mentoring (families, communities and teachers) and extra support (financial and childcare) for teen-mothers who face particular discrimination.
October 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Switchback, a charity which helps 18-24 year old offenders make real, long-lasting change after release. Their mission is to change the way their Trainees think about and participate in society. By combining an intensive mentoring relationship with a practical programme, they make employment a realistic option and reduce the likelihood of re-offending. The money will go towards their team of specialist Switchback Mentors. Each taking on a small caseload of Trainees, they build unconditional, long-term and motivational relationships and encourage and challenge Trainees to make their life more stable as they move through the prison gate. Switchback Mentors provide a consistent anchor amongst all the organisations and people that Trainees encounter.
Wounded Soldiers Charities
July 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation will split the funds raised from 'An Evening of Opera & Picnic' in July between the following 5 charities helping wounded servicemen:

BLESMA supports servicemen & women who have lost limbs and the use of limbs or the loss of eyesight.
Following the loss of a limb, our Members face social isolation due to reduced mobility and low morale. They often have few sources for assistance for practical problems and a poor knowledge of services available to them. BLESMA aim to be their first point of call on any matters concerning limb loss. The funds will be contributed to their Capital Campaign for two new wheelchair assisted minibuses. Transport is a pressing need for their Members. Cost, need, practicality and environmental concerns have shaped the decision to replace their 54 seat coach with two smaller 16 seat wheelchair adapted mini-buses. Each can accommodate 6 wheelchairs. These smaller coaches will create greater accessibility and greater reach across the country at any one given time. The mini-buses will be operational daily. They will play a key role in delivering their programme of rehabilitative sporting and social activities across the UK. They will also be crucial to delivering respite care at their Blackpool Home for their Members and their families

Blind Veterans UK provides lifelong practical and emotional support to vision impaired servicemen & women. They have been offering physical and emotional support to vision impaired veterans since 1915. Blind Veterans UK give blind veterans training and rehabilitation, a safe and happy home in which to live, support for them and their families and a life after blindness.
The Bryan Adams Foundation donation will be the first contribution to a brand-new £1.65 million accommodation, rehabilitation and training unit at their Llandudno Centre in North Wales. The new unit will provide blind and disabled veterans (from Blind Veterans UK and other military charities) with short to medium-length stays of between six weeks to six months, to access their life skills for independent living programme. The new unit is scheduled to be ready for use from summer 2016, and once it is open Blind Veterans UK will need to raise £200,000 a year to finance the running costs.

Combat Stress specialises in the treatment of UK Armed Forces Veterans suffering from mental health conditions.
The money will go towards the funding of their 14 Community and Outreach Teams across the UK. Each of these teams is comprised of a Regional Welfare Officer, Mental Health Practitioner and Community Psychiatric Nurse who provide treatment and practical support to Veterans and their families in their own home.

SSAFA believes that the commitment of UK Forces and their families deserves lifelong support. They provide practical, emotional and financial support to anyone who is serving or has ever served and their families.
The grant will go towards their Norton Homes which provide free accommodation, care and support to wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women whilst they are undergoing medical treatment and rehabilitation programmes at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham, and Headley Court, Surrey, and their families.

War Child provides life-changing support to the most vulnerable children whose families, communities and schools have been torn apart by war. Years of conflict have left both Iraq and Afghanistan some of the most dangerous places in the world for children to live.

Thanks to the support of The Bryan Adams Foundation, War Child will be able to bring our life-changing and life-saving support to a further 645 innocent child victims of war in the next twelve months. The attached graphic underlines this.
War Child saves children from war. With support they can fight conflict with hope, uphold children's rights and bring stability and security to the innocent victims of war. The funds will help support children through education, vocational training and trauma counselling for a whole year - so they can begin to rebuild their lives and fulfil their potential.
With War Child staff responding to the emergencies for children in Iraq, Syria, Central African Republic and Gaza it has never been more needed.
The Haiti Ocean Project
August 2014

The Haiti Ocean Project is a marine conservation, education, research and ecotourism project located in Petit Goave and Petite Riviere de Nippes, Haiti. The primary mission of this project is to protect local whale and dolphin populations through education of youth, marine research, public policy and whale and dolphin watching. The Bryan Adams Foundation has given a grant to cover the entire cost of building a long-term sustainable floating dock system, a boat hoist and a raft and swim platform for use with their pontoon boat "floating classroom".  This will ensure the boat does not get damaged when it is lifted in and out of the water regardless of weather and water conditions, and will give the Haitian kids a safe way to get in and out of the water. The floating dock will be L-Shaped, with a swim platform located at the end of the dock.
The Sea Cadets, Cowes
August 2014

Whether at sea or on land, the Sea Cadets offers young people across the UK amazing opportunities for personal development - by learning new skills and working in teams -  they offer an environment where young people find new confidence and inspiration.
Established in 1856 the Sea Cadets was created by communities wanting to give young people instruction on a naval theme. Traditionally old seafarers provided training while local businessmen funded the unit building.
Today, 14,000 young people based in 400 units in towns, cities and ports across the UK are challenging themselves and developing new skills, like sailing, boating and rock climbing and first aid.
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to The Sea Cadets unit in Cowes, Isle of Wight to go towards completion of their new headquarters building. The unit provides a dynamic, stimulating and supportive training environment to promote positive behaviour and emotional well being in the community.

Completion of the new build will enable opportunities to be offered to young people aged 10 years to 18 years for personal development and achievement, learning new skills and encourage civic responsibility in a creative and positive environment. Initiation of their band has transcended barriers to communication, increased social engagement and addressed behavioural difficulties, with one 15 year old female bugler/drummer gaining a prestigious National award and achieving her ambition of selection to train with the Royal Marines Band Service.

May 2015
Bryan officially opened the Cowes Sea Cadets’ new headquarters, by unveiling a plaque commemorating the opening. Among those to attend the opening were Isle of Wight Lord Lieutenant Major General Martin White and The Second Sea Lord Vice Admiral Jonathan Woodcock. The Sea Cadets provides opportunities for young Islanders, aged between ten and 18.
UK Youth
June 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to UK Youth to support their Eco-Health project for adults with mental health issues at their countryside centre, Avon Tyrrell in the New Forest in Hampshire. 'Eco-health' is an innovative community gardening and conservation project for adults with mental health issues. It provides invaluable opportunities for local disadvantaged people to learn new skills, get back into work or training, to build confidence, relationships, fitness, well-being and self-esteem
Chelsea Physic Garden
June 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation to The Chelsea Physic Garden, a walled Garden in London founded in 1673 by the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries for its apprentices to study the medicinal qualities of plants. It became one of the most important centres of botany and plant exchange in the world.

The funds donated will go towards the Medicinal Woodland/Monocot Border/Cool Fernery Project. This is the second phase project of their "medicinal" collection following the successful landscaping of the Garden of Medicinal Plants in Spring 2014.
Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, UK
June 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People who partner trained 'hearing dogs' with profoundly deaf adults and children, allowing them to live independent lives by alerting them to a number of practical sounds. The charity has over 850 working hearing dogs across the UK and a further 350 people waiting for a life-changing hearing dog. The money will fund a Replacement Loop System for their Buckinghamshire Head Quarters, where over 300 people visit each week, many profoundly deaf.
Walkabout Foundation
May 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported Walkabout Foundation, a charity that focuses on funding research to find a cure for paralysis and donating wheelchairs to people in need around the world.. The funds will go towards the charity's work in Kenya where they assist people with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities by giving them specifically designed chairs for the rough terrain of the developing world. In January 2014, Team Walkabout made its first trip to Nanyuki in Kenya for a full five day distribution alongside the United Disabled Persons of Laikipia (UDPL) during which 200 wheelchairs were fitted. The project is backed by members of the local government, including the Governor of Laikipia and the Minister of Health for the area and they will have the opportunity to return in August 2014 to distribute and fit a further 200 hundred chairs as well as to train ten local physiotherapists on the ground in how to fit them.
The Royal Hospital Chelsea, London
May 2014

Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to the Royal Hospital Chelsea to sponsor one of the In-Pensioner's Berths in the newly refurbished Long Ward. For over three hundred years, the Royal Hospital Chelsea has provided a welcoming home and a way of life for thousands of soldiers in their old age. The Royal Hospital was founded by King Charles II, who was aware that the army was supporting a growing number of soldiers who were no longer fit for active service. Inspired by Les Invalides in Paris, the king committed to create a welcoming and safe home for veterans who had fought for their country and who were now “broken by age or war”. His vision for such a home was brought to life by Sir Christopher Wren, whose elegant buildings still stand majestically.

The Royal Hospital Chelsea is currently undergoing a major refurbishment programme in order to offer all Chelsea Pensioners a much larger room, each with a window with a view of the grounds, an ensuite wet room and a small study. This is a huge improvement for Chelsea Pensioners who currently live in Sir Christopher Wren’s original ‘berths’, measuring just 9’ x 9’, with no natural light, little privacy and shared ablutions.
Dan Snook Foundation
March 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation to The Dan Snook Foundation, which operates in British Columbia, Canada reaching out to young people and their families who have been affected by abuse issues and / or addiction.
Maranatha Care Children
February 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Maranatha Care Children in South Africa, to support Siyakatala Youth Centre catering for 34 children and young people receiving full-time residential care for 4 to 19 year olds. The grant will cover school fees and educational costs for 2014.
Human Rights Watch
Jan 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation to Human Rights Watch, one of the world's leading independent organisations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights. By focusing international attention where human rights are violated, they give voice to the oppressed and hold oppressors accountable for their crimes. Their rigorous, objective investigations and strategic, targeted advocacy build intense pressure for action and raise the cost of human rights abuse. For more than 30 years, Human Rights Watch has worked to lay the legal and moral groundwork for deep-rooted change and has fought to bring greater justice and security to people around the world.
The Woodland Trust, UK
Nov 2013

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation to The Woodland Trust, who spend their time protecting woods, restoring woods and creating new woods. Tree planting has a positive impact on the removal of carbon from the atmosphere - and woodland provides vital new places to help people and wildlife, in the UK, deal with climate change.
The donation would equate to locking up 66.6 tonnes of carbon emissions ( generated by around 18000 miles of car travel, or 74 London-New York flights) through an area of 0.4 acres of trees.
Future Brilliance, Afghanistan
October 2013

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Future Brilliance for its digital literacy initiative in Afghanistan. The aim is to provide young Afghan female and male entrepreneurs and students with the training and hardware required to improve their connectivity to the outside world, and boost their income through enhanced digital literacy that will help them create and retain national and international market linkages through the internet.
In more remote areas of Afghanistan, connectivity through low cost tablet PCs can be supported by satellite delivered wifi connectivity provided by Inmarsat. In this way, Future Brilliance will support the broader aims of the coalition counter-insurgency campaign into the longer term, providing a valuable and meaningful extension of the US, British and ISAF coalition’s commitment to facilitate enduring stability, economic stimulation and distribution of knowledge and education to the Afghan people.
Through the provision and training in the use of low cost, solar powered tablets, Future Brilliance will help Afghans in both urban and rural Afghanistan bridge the digital divide, providing them with mobile internet tablet computers fully configured for use in Dari and Pashto, and pre-loaded with translation and relevant business applications.  Equipped with a special browser suited for low-bandwidth environments and a solar charging panel, Afghans will be to leverage access to the business enriching environment of the world-wide-web.

Tablets will be loaded with social media, education and m-commerce apps in Dari and Pashto and will be distributed initially in the South, and then throughout Afghanistan, through Universities and TVET colleges. 

By opening their digital horizons, Future Brilliance will provide them with the means to connect with the world, to generate income online, and to better understand the global social and economic environment and their place within it.  

January 2015
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a further grant to Future Brilliance to develop a new collection for its social enterprise, Aayenda Jewellery project.
The collection, designed in collaboration with their Afghan artisans, is being curated by ex Gucci/Tom Ford Jewelry Creative Director, Antoine Sandoz. 

The moulds and masters will be developed in Jaipur (the more complex ones) and in Kabul and 15-20 new styles put into work, in order to have a new collection to launch in Spring 2015. The collection will generate bead-making work for 300 female artisans in Afghanistan and approx 30 artisans at workshops in Kabul. 

March 2015

This is the bright young Afghan jewellery designer Storai Staniza, whom Future Brilliance have brought to Jaipur to help her merchandise her design concepts into her first collection. 

Here she is shown receiving instruction from an American jewellery designer, and sorting through Afghan gemstones with their Afghan Gem-Cutting trainer and production manager.
The Kaghan Memorial Trust, Pakistan
September 2013

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to fund a ‘Getting to school project’ being run by The Kaghan Memorial Trust in Pakistan. KMT provides quality education and essential services to disadvantaged children from the impoverished Kaghan Valley, which was severely hit by the earthquake in 2006. The funds will go towards a pick and drop service to ensure daily attendance of its students and teachers in an effort to discourage drop outs. The funds will cover the fuel and monthly maintenance for 3 jeeps, each of which has a capacity for 16 children and does 2 drop and pick up rounds per day, benefitting 96 children daily.

July 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has continued its support of The Kaghan Memorial Trust by pledging to support their jeep programme to transport the children to school for another year. The programme has ensured the growing number of disadvantaged children that KMS caters to can continue to benefit from the education and care that they receive. It has minimised dropout rates by ensuring class attendance.
Harvest Project, Canada
June 2013

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Harvest Project in British Columbia, Canada, to supports its Food Recovery Program by funding the purchase of a cooler merchandise, which would support provision of fresh produce to the families and children that are fed through Harvest Project.

British Columbia has the highest child poverty rate in the country which is evident in the number of children that Harvest Project sees coming through its doors. As crises occur and families must spend more than 70% of their incomes on accommodation, many are forced to go without food, medicine, dental care and other necessities just to remain housed. Harvest Project serves up to 500 individuals and families each month.

The Harvest Project Food Recovery Programme receives food from the community via donations from individuals, businesses, schools to stock their general Food Programme where Harvest Project clients visits their Grocery Depot once a month by personal appointment. There is a great deal of dignity in this process as they aim to replicate a traditional shopping experience.

January 2015
Bryan visited Harvest Project, whilst he was in Vancouver, in order to see the refrigeration unit which The Bryan Adams Foundation funded. It has allowed them to provide more fresh, nutritious food items for the families that they serve in the neighbourhood.
The Prince's Trust
May 2013

The Bryan Adams Foundation has awarded a grant to The Prince's Trust, which supports disadvantaged young people to change their lives and get in to education, employment or training. The funding will support a 'Get Started with Hair and Beauty' course for young people who have dropped out of education, are unemployed or facing other barriers to success. Working in partnership with City College in Brighton, the programme is an introduction in to the Hair and Beauty Sectory. The short course helps 19-25 year olds re-engage with a learning environment and develop the confidence to move forward. It is expected that this course will be the first step towards enrolling on to longer courses at the College starting in the autumn.

August 2014
The Bryan Adams Foundation has awarded a grant to fund a 'Get Into Carpentry' course. It is a 2 week course which will give 13 young people the chance to learn basic carpentry skills, increase their knowledge of this job role, undertake work experience, learn key employability skills (such as team work, time keeping and good communication) and gain an industry-specific qualification. This will help boost their confidence and kick-start their career in carpentry. At the end of the course, Merlin Housing & Touch Wood Enterprises Ltd will offer at least 6 of the young people interviews for apprenticeships so they can continue their training.
Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity (GOSHCC), London
May 2013

The BA Foundation has made a donation to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital to help fund an 'angio bi-plane machine', which can help to provide a safe, non-invasive alternative to surgery. It allows doctors to perform interventional radiology to treat children with a wide range of conditions - from cancer, to childhood stroke, to juvenile arthritis, and many more besides. The angio bi-plane machine produces images on screen that enable doctors to see what they are doing inside the body, without the need to open it up. Doctors use the images to guide tiny tubes to deliver medicine, such as chemotherapy, and to fix things in otherwise hard-to-reach places, like deep inside the brain.
Great Ormond Street Hospital is investing in two new angio biplane machines. These will be state-of-the-art and will be located in a new Angio Suite. As a result, our doctors will be able to treat an estimated 35% more patients with this technique and increase highly complex brain cases by 25%, which will save the lives of some children who currently cannot be helped.
Borne, UK
March 2013

In the UK 56,000 babies are born prematurely each year. That's 12% of all babies born. Premature birth is the most significant cause of longterm disability and death in newborn babies. Borne is the first charitable initiative of its kind in the UK. In just a few years, teams from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital will change the long term health prospects of hundreds of thousands of children and their families in the UK and overseas. Borne's aim is to translate ground breaking research to make pregnancy and childbirth safer for mothers and their babies, improving lifelong health for both. Their work may be the difference between life and death for 2,000 babies in the UK every year - and will benefit up to 50,000 mothers and newborns across the world. The Bryan Adams Foundation donation will go towards the team’s progesterone research, since it is a real priority and an opportunity for a great impact. The field is poorly understood and they have some powerful, practical studies that should yield substantive insights and translate into better clinical care well.

October 2014
Bryan visited Chelsea & Westminster Hospital to see at first hand some of the research work being carried out by Borne in the lab by Professor Johnson and his team.
Spinal Cord Injury, British Columbia, Canada
January 2013

The BA Foundation has awarded a grant to Spinal Cord Injury, BC to support the SCI-BC 11th Annual Women's Tea. This annual event provides a welcoming space to celebrate and pamper women with spinal cord injury and related disabilities. This year’s event will feature performances by comedians and actors (disabled and able-bodied), provide ‘high tea’, offer make-up and massage services, and a photobooth to capture the spirit of the day. The SCI-BC Women’s Tea offers women with disabilities the chance to have an entertaining high tea experience, while sharing stories and experiences with other women who face similar life challenges.
The Honeypot Children's Charity
February 2013

Honeypot works to enhance the lives of vulnerable children and young carers aged 5-12 years by providing respite breaks and on-going outreach support at their house in the New Forest in the UK. They give young carers a break from demanding and stressful responsibilities at home and provide a safe, nurturing environment where children at risk can develop their full potential. The Bryan Adams Foundation is funding a 4 day respite holiday for 12 new children who have the chance to visit Honeypot House for the first time.

May 2015
The Bryan Adams Foundation has renewed its support of a respite holiday for 12 new children at Honeypot House. The children will be picked up by the Honeypot Minibus and taken to the house where they will spend four days doing things like bike riding, crabbing, swimming and generally running around being children. This will be the start of their programme of support from Honeypot and will be followed up by repeat weekend breaks as well as regular Playbus visits throughout the year and Birthday and Christmas cards and presents.
A Child A Promise
January 2013

Educational Centre of Al Aazarieh, Palestinian Territories.

In the region of Al Aazarieh, Palestinian children born into very poor families are in a desperate academic situation and often are forced to abandon their studies. Dawdling in the streets and left to themselves they live in a context of insecurity and violence. They suffer psychological disorders and are exposed to drugs as early as their childhood.

This particular village, situated on the outskirts of Jerusalem, has been isolated from the city since the construction of the Wall. This isolation dramatically increased the social and financial difficulties: with a higher rate of unemployment, lack of funds in the schools, and the teachers are short of training.

In order to help these children, IECD in partnership with Apprentis d’Auteuil and with the support of A Child, A Promise created an educational centre for Palestinian youth to offer them the means to build a better future.

Between 2012 and 2015, the Educational Centre of Al Aazarieh will welcome up to 900 children and teenagers from 6 to 18 years and will offer them courses (Arabic, English, math, sciences) and extra school activities (theatre, drawings, music, sports).
Born Free
January 2013

The BA Foundation has made a grant to the Born Free Foundation to support their efforts to fight the international ivory trade and the exploitation in elephant poaching that is currently underway.  Recent incidents highlight the seriousness of the situation and include:

* the killing in a single incident of 11 elephants in Tsavo National Park, Kenya;

* the seizure in December of more than 6 tonnes of ivory in Malaysia and in January of more than 1.3 tonnes in Hong Kong; and

* the recent report from the Tanzanian Parliament that up to 10,000 elephants a year are being killed in Tanzania alone to fuel demand from south-east Asia, particularly China.

Born Free is working with wildlife protection units in the field but in particular will be attending the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)  meeting in Thailand in March 2013 where the BF team will be using more than 20 years' experience in this arena to try and avert any further moves that would relax current controls on ivory trade which, in Born Free's view, would lead to even higher levels of poaching and illegal activity. Full details of what is going on and where can be found at

October 2016
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Born Free to support their project working with the Eastern Lowland Gorilla's, one of the most endangered species on the planet! The gorilla is the largest of the great ape species. It is thought to have shared a common ancestor with humans about 10 million years ago, today sharing about 98% of its DNA with humans. Faced with increasing pressure from human population through habitat destruction, hunting and disease gorilla populations are under sever threat.
August 2012

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Shine helping children in the UK with spin bifida. The grant is supporting a special educational event on modern bladder and bowel management, to take place in September in Southampton. The event will give parents and carers of children with spina bifida the chance to meet others with similar problems and share stories and find out what's new.

September 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Shine to support their Shine 40 project, helping their 2,790 members with spin bifid a and / or hydrocephalus aged over 40. From birth most were expected to die, but advancing medical developments facilitated their suviva. Now, however, most face age-related health deterioration and social isolation. Shine40Plus will connect this group through a newsletter, volunteering opportunities, developmental health and social/craft activities, and an annual conference. These activities will reduce isolation, improve health knowledge and provide inspiration and purpose for these profoundly disabled members as they age.
Theodora Children's Trust, UK
July 2012

The Bryan Adams Foundation has awarded a grant to Theodora Children's Trust to support their Giggle Doctors project at Chelsea Children's Hospital at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London.

Dr Snug and Dr Geehee bring monthly doses of music, magic and laughter to poorly young patients at Chelsea Children's Hospital on the first Tuesday of every month. The Giggle Doctors are eagerly awaited as they brighten the wards with huge smiles on their faces, magic tricks in their pockets and balloon animals in their hands.
Sometimes they may have the whole ward singing and dancing as they sing a funny song or play a tune on their ukeleles.
Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario
July 2012

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to support the Canadian Paraplegic Association Ontario to assist people with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve independence, self-reliance and full community participation.
Body & Soul, UK
February 2012

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to Body & Soul, the pioneering UK charity supporting children, young people and families who are living with or closely affected by HIV. Across five weekly age appropriate programmes, they support the psycho-social, health and educational well-being of over 3,500 individuals and deliver outreach in schools and hospitals. The funds will go towards the Launch Pad project for teenagers aged 13-19 to assist in their education. HIV forms barriers to young people achieving academically. Long term ill health, side effects to medication and caring for a sick parent impact on school attendance and the pressure of keeping HIV a secret for fear or stigma and discrimination forces teens in to isolation. Integrated in to weekly Teen Spirit sessions, Launch Pad will supplement teen's school day, providing mentoring, tutoring and online support.

July 2015
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a further grant to Body & Soul to go towards their BaSe Equip Project providing high-quality, age-appropriate HIV education to 10-12 year olds living with and affected by HIV. These kids face profound obstacles that jeopardise achievement, emotional wellbeing and self-esteem. The programme encourages members to communicate any anxieties or issues they may be experiencing since finding out about HIV and equips them with the knowledge, emotional resilience, self-esteem and coping skills needed to better understand and accept their own HIV positive status, or that of a relative, and to overcome adversity.
FXB India Suraksha
February 2012

In India, thousands of kids live on the streets – without supervision, schooling, or protection. Thanks to the support of the Bryan Adams Foundation, FXB India Suraksha is able to assist 600 street children and young people in the slums of Delhi through this project. The youths will receive educational support as part of a broader program designed to provide education, develop a vocation, and access improved health and sanitation services. Tutoring, health care, and community education are all core components of the broader project. Upon completion of the project, participants will have the knowledge and skills to lead better lives, serve their communities, and grow as productive citizens. and
NADIA, Japan
February 2012

The Bryan Adams Foundation has awarded a grant to NADIA, an organisation set up to bring hope to people and businesses affected by the earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan in March 2011. NADIA aims to bring direct manpower where money is not enough, assisting in disaster recovery to improve the neighbourhoods for families, children and elderly. They organise volunteer trips every weekend from Tokyo to Ishinomaki to bring relief on the ground to the disaster zone, assisting with cleaning and reconstruction activities.
Renascent, Canada
January 2012

The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported Renascent, a charity in Ontario Canada which provides abstinence based treatment, support, education and prevention relating to alcohol and drug addictions through a continuum of programs and services for individuals, families and organisations.

Renascent operates four treatment centres in Ontario, Canada. They offer a 21 day residential program for men and women, aftercare and an alumni program. We also provide one-to-one and group counselling along with structured programs for children and adults that have been affected by a loved one's addiction.

The grant will go towards funding renovation of the Graham Munro Centre for Women which provides a gender-specific alcoholism and drug addictions treatment in a non-institutional home-like environment. The Centre has 25 beds and operates on a continuous intake basis.

May 2012
Bryan made a visit to the Graham Munro Centre for Women whilst he was in Toronto. He met with some of the clients and counsellors and saw the building work in progress.

June 2013
Bryan was awarded the Peter Armstrong Community Award of Excellence by Renascent, recognising people and organisation who have made an outstanding contribution to the field of addiction.

July 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has continued its support of Renascent by supporting a project called "Transforming Women's Lives- Helping Children Grow. Now Is Your Time. " This project will be run at the Graham Munro Centre. The title of the project is taken from the message of inspiration that Bryan left for the women receiving addiction treatment when he visited the centre in 2012.
Zambia Orphans of Aids
November 2011

The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported a project to send 14 orphaned children to upper secondary school in Zambia. The children live in a very deprived, slum area of Lusaka but despite their extremely difficult home lives they have worked really hard and gained excellent Grade 9 exam marks. However, it costs around £340 a year to put a Zambian child through upper secondary school – as fees, exams and uniforms must all be paid for - and without support, grade 9 will be the end of their school career. Attending upper secondary school will greatly enhance their chances of securing decent jobs and lifting themselves and their extended families out of poverty.

Every April the headmistress sends pupils out on to the streets to talk about Hope & Faith to encourage other children to come to the school. Five years ago Mike was one of the kids who followed these pupils back to the school gates. He was 11. The teachers decided to integrate him into the school and because he was living rough and alone on the streets they also give him board and feed him. Mike was unable to read so they put him Grade 3, with much younger, smaller kids (7/8 year olds). Mike was just so excited to be going to school with other children and within a year he was reading and writing and moved up to Grade 5. Mike is now 16 and has just sat his grade 9 exams and is one of the 14 children the Bryan Adams Foundation will be sponsoring through grade 10. Rosemary Mumbi, the headmistress, is confident he will pass with good grades (his results are due February). Mike eventually hopes to study engineering or law.

December 2013
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a further donation to take these 10 young people through their final year of secondary school in 2014.  The sum includes money for school fees, food supplements and public transport costs. They no longer benefit from the free feeding programme, which was their main meal previously and they are losing weight which this is having a negative effect on their academic performance. They are at schools all over Lusaka, some very far from their homes, so money for bus is very important. It also covers money for text books which are very expensive in Zambia and not provided by schools. Their Grade 12 exam results will affect their ability to go on to Tertiary College, and ultimately to gain employment and so this is their most crucial year. Finally, it covers money for uniforms, shoes, exam fees and stationery.

December 2014
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a further grant to Zambia Orphans of Aids to fund a feeding programme for 20 HIV+ under-fives from a slum in Kafue, which has been really successful in helping very sickly, young children respond better to their ART, grow, develop, avoid infections and move off the danger list. The funds cover daily food supplements, nutrition training and support for toddlers’ guardians, and guardians also receive training in vegetable gardening, and get use of seeds, tools and a plot at our local partners HQ.
New Faces, India
November 2011

The Bryan Adams Foundation has pledged its support to a clinic operating in Bangalore in India which deals with facial deformities including cleft lip and palate, facial burns & facial injuries. New Faces has about 60 patients in its care, who are treated by a team of plastic surgeons, orthodontists, prosthodontists and general dentists. Receiving "a new face" enables the patients to be socially rehabilitated back in to society.
SOS Gangs Project, London
October 2011

The Bryan Adams Foundation supported this award winning project which offers intensive support to young people to help them break free from gang crime. It works with young offenders both in prison and in the community who are serving sentences for gang related crimes by offering a tailored package of support for each individual to help them identify and realise alternative aspirations and goals away from gang life.
July 2011

The Bryan Adams Foundation is supporting 3 charities dealing with addiction.

Action on Addiction
Action on Addiction is the only UK charity working across the addiction field in research, prevention, treatment, professional education and family support.

Addaction aims to transform the lives of people affected by drug and alcohol problems by offering a range of services in England and Scotland. Not only do they help the individual recover from their dependency, but they also offer support to those closest to them. Working with families and loved ones forms a major part of Addaction's treatment ethos.

Drug & Alcohol Services for London
DASL provides services for people with drug and alcohol problems across four London boroughs, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Redbridge and Bexley.
The Country Trust
July 2011

The Country Trust aims to bridge the gap between urban and rural communities through showing the working countryside to children, their teachers and parents from inner city areas. It aims to widen horizons, enhance appreciation of and respect for others through first hand experience of rural life. The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported their "Food Discovery" project, for 30 children at 7 different schools (210 children in total) to educate and enthuse them and their parents about locally grown wholesome food through farm visits, markets, harvest feasts.

September 2014

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to The Country Trust's 'Food and Countryside Discovery' project. Over one school year they will work with two schools in deprived areas of East Anglia to teach children how to grow their own fruit and vegetables, cook the food they're growing and explore new flavours. They will be taken to nearby farms to learn how their food is produced and introduce them to Local Food Heroes. A Playground Farmer's Market selling fresh produce and a Harvest Feast for friends and family will complete the year.
Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London
The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported an Appeal at The Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London to purchase a state if the art Da Vinci robotic operating system for the new children's operating theatre. It will make a real difference to the outcome of children cared for by the hospitably reducing operation times, reducing the chances of infection and speeding up recovery time.
Greenfields School & Sports College
June 2011

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation to Greenfields School in Northampton in the UK , which is a secondary special school for young people with severe learning difficulties and associated sensory, physical, communication and behavioural difficulties, ASD, PMLD and multi sensory impairment. GSSC is a visionary school providing specialist resources, and innovative teaching to prepare students with the skills they require for transition to adulthood. The funds will go towards accessible fitness and play equipment to include road safety surfaces and sports markings which will encourage healthy lifestyles, self awareness, staying safe and team work. They aim to provide three individual spaces for students to develop play, social interaction, physical fitness, understanding of road safety and keeping healthy and well. Staff encourage outside activities in the fresh air as learning is enhanced and students enjoy being close to nature.
Learning Disabilities Association Vancouver
April 2011

The Learning Disabilities Association Vancouver has been serving individuals with learning disabilities for the last four decades. They provide remedial reading and writing programs, remedial math, social skills development, youth skills development, as well as adult support groups, advocacy, public education and community outreach.

The Bryan Adams Foundation has given support for its 'Urban Summer Camp 2011'. This program will provide specialized social skills remediation for children who are showing signs of not being able to establish friendships with other children and/or exhibit poor social skills resulting in isolation from their peer group.  Peer rejection brings with it serious emotional difficulties. This summer camp allows the children to interact positively with their peers.

April 2012

The Bryan Adams Foundation has given a grant to support the Connect U Summer Day Camp organised by the Learning Disabilities Association Vancouver in partnership with Strathcona Community Centre and Eureka Outdoor Camp Society. It is their 3rd year providing such a unique recreational opportunity for socially isolated children. Day camps will run in July and August for a total of six weeks and children will participate in various field trips and activities to provide them with practical experience using their newly acquired social skills.

Boutcher Primary School, Bermondsey, London
March 2011
The Bryan Adams Foundation is supporting Boutcher School in Bermondsey, London with a grant to enable them to establish a choir. The Foundation will be covering the costs of a teacher and a pianist, allowing the children to reap the benefits of singing together.
Sun protection for albinos in Bequia
March 2011

There is an unusually high percentage of Albinism amongst the 5,000 inhabitants on the island of Bequia, situated in the Caribbean islands of St Vincent & the Grenadines.

Bequia Albinos receive no special support from the government and therefore have no access to health care due to their condition, and their physical appearance makes it extremely difficult for them to find proper employment.

The Bryan Adams Foundation has collaborated on a project with Riemann who have donated P20 Suncream to help alleviate the suffering from daily sunburn which leads to life-threatening skin cancers from exposure to the tropical sun and with Titanflex who have donated sunglasses to protect their eyes from the harsh sun.

The Bryan Adams Foundation are incredibly grateful to Riemann and Titanflex for their generous support.
Smile Train
January 2011

The Smile Train mission is focused on solving a single problem: cleft lip and palate.
Cleft lips are a major problem in developing countries where there are millions of children who are suffering with unrepaired clefts. Most cannot eat or speak properly, aren’t allowed to attend school or hold a job, and face very difficult lives filled with shame and isolation, pain and heartache. Every single child with a cleft can be helped with surgery that costs as little as $250 and takes as little as 45 minutes.
St Benedict's Home for Children, St Vincent, West Indies
June 2013
The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to St Benedict's, a home dedicated to providing care for underprivileged and special needs children in St Vincent in the West Indies. It provides an enhanced quality of life to St Vincent’s most vulnerable and often most neglected citizens: children with physical and/or mental disabilities.  The children of St Benedict’s are provided with a safe, nurturing environment that encourages them to thrive and develop individual interests and talents.

The grant will provide funding for fencing of the new compound.

January 2011
This is a home for children with severe disabilities—most of whom have been cast out by their families.  They are in the process of building a new home for the children with better conditions than previously. The BA Foundation has purchased a commercial high quality stainless steel fridge for this home.
Action For Kids, UK
January 2011

At Action For Kids young disabled people learn vital skills, such as life skills and computer skills.  For example, being able to prepare meals is an essential skill that can help young people with learning disabilities live more independently. (one of these photographs shows students learning to prepare healthy meals). Action For Kids helps to transform young lives by removing the barriers to independence. The grant from The Bryan Adams Foundation provided funding for training 44 young disabled people.
Children's Cancer Centre of Lebanon
December 2010
Bryan Adams performed a special fundraising concert in Beirut on 14th December 2010 in support of The Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon (CCCL), a unique regional center for the comprehensive treatment of pediatric cancer. The concert was generously sponsored by Mr Raffy Manoukian. 

CCCL aims to provide access to free treatment and care to all children with cancer in Lebanon and the region, without any discrimination. It ensures access to the latest treatment, regardless of ability to pay and delivers psychological services to help fight the disease, as well as providing education to create better understanding and awareness.

Bryan visited the hospital the day after the concert to see at first hand its outstanding work.
Kids Company-Christmas Appeal
December 2010

Kids Company provides practical, emotional and educational support to around 14,000 vulnerable inner-city children across London.

A family struggling to cope with day to day existence is unable to provide a Christmas meal, let alone presents and party games.

This year Kids Company are catering for over 2,000 children on Christmas day, who would otherwise have gone without. They provide games, activities and every child goes home with individually wrapped gifts. The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a contribution to Kids Company's appeal for help.

Over 900 hampers were provided for the children and their families. The Christmas lunch staggeringly involved approximately 2,000 mince pies, 2,000 smoothies, 4,000 chicken portions, 20KG of carrots, 64KG of pasta and 2,000 apples, oranges and bananas!

December 2011
The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported Kids Company Christmas Day again this year. We have covered the costs of a present for 1,000 children who would not otherwise get anything.
Peter Pan Nursery for Children with Special Needs
November 2010

The Peter Pan Nursery offers valuable help and support to all parents having children with special needs from birth to 5 years of age within North Staffordshire in the UK. They look after about 50 children with a wide range of needs such as Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Visual and Hearing Impairments, and Speech and Language delays.

They provide one to one care ratio for children who need it, and free transport to and from the Nursery if required.

The Nursery is moving shortly to a new site offering many modern additional features, including a large playroom, a multi sensory room, a quiet room for carrying out Speech and Language targets and a secure outdoor play area. The funding from the BA Foundation is going to go towards providing a special safe spongey surface for the outdoor play area to enable it to be a safe environment for the children to play in.
The Imran Khan Flood Relief Fund, Pakistan
August 2010

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to help the flood victims in Pakistan. The Imran Khan Flood Relief Fund organised "A Convoy of Hope' on 30th August, with volunteers coming from far off cities to help in the packing, loading and despatch of relief victims. 150 trucks carried medicine and food to different regions in the North including Nowshera, Charsada, Swabi, Mardan, Malakand and Peshawar..
Canuck Place Children's Hospice, Vancouver
July 2010

Canuck Place provides care for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families .

Canuck Place opened in November 1995 as the first free standing children’s hospice in North America.  Today it is recognized globally as a leader in pediatric palliative care sharing knowledge, expertise and research regionally, nationally and internationally to assist in the further development of best practices in this field.
Canuck Place offers a comprehensive continuum of care to over 370 children and teens with life-threatening illnesses and their families throughout British Columbia
The program is unique in that it offers world-class health care within a home-like environment
With comfortable surroundings, personalized programs, caring professional staff and dedicated volunteers, it is a place for children and families to come in their time of need.

Through all stages of a child’s illness, an individual program is designed to meet the needs of each family.  Services include 24/7 physician and nursing support, end-of-life care, pain and symptom management, respite care, school, music and play therapy, recreation opportunities and counseling.  The counseling services are available to parents, siblings, loved ones and the child, to assist them in finding the courage and resources to cope with their challenges both during the child’s illness and after the child dies.
Canuck Place encourages each child to ‘embrace life’ and believes in enhancing the quality of whatever time a child may have left by empowering them to live fully and joyfully
March 2009
The Bryan Adams Foundation has given a grant to IIMPACT, an organisation whose aim is to educate more girls in India. Its mission is to mobilise and motivate non-school going girls between the ages of 6 and 14 from economically and socially backward rural areas of India and put them firmly on the track of literacy through primary education. IIMPACT aims to enable each girl to become an independent thinker and self-learner and to make learning joyful.

There is a distinct gap in India in literacy rates between girls and boys. For example in Bihar, the literacy rate for males is 60.32% whereas for females it is only 33.57%. And in Uttar Pradesh, 31% of all girls in the age group 6-14 are still out of school.

8872 girls are currently enrolled in IIMPACT's education programme for girls in 287 centres throughout 5 states in India. The children are taught the basics, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, English and the Local Language, and are prepared to clear the Class 5 Government Exam, so they can get a strong foundation in basic education, and are encouraged to continue education in other schools .

The BA Foundation will fund the opening of new centres in the Mewat region of Haryana, which is 1.5 hours from Delhi and borders Rajasthan. The area is very backward and has a large number of girls who are out of school. There is much local support in the area for establishing new centres.

June 2010
The Bryan Adams Foundation has decided to award a grant for a second year to IIMPACT. This year the funding will support 10 learning centres around Jaipur in Rajasthan in northern India. Most of the girls in this area have never been to school before and they are involved in carpet weaving . The local community decide the timings of the lessons to enable the girls to attend the classes as well as earn a livelihood.

February 2011, Delhi
Whilst Bryan was on tour in India, children from the IIMPACT charity travelled to Delhi to meet him and sing their version of his song 'On a day like today'.

November 2011
The BA Foundation continues its support of IIMPACT by sponsoring 10 learning centres at Jaipur for girls who would not otherwise be in education.

July 2012
The BA Foundation has continued to support IIMPACT for the next financial year with the 10 learning centres in Jaipur.

July 2013
The BA Foundation has pledged to continue its support again of IIMPACT.

June 2014
The Bryan Adams Foundation has continued its support for another year with IIMPACT.

September 2015
The Bryan Adams Foundation has continued its support for another year with IIMPACT.
The Chelsea Academy, London
February 2010

The Bryan Adams Foundation has pledged its support in helping to fund the Music Centre of the Chelsea Academy, a new secondary school at Lots Road in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea in London. The school is for students aged between 11-18 years. The Academy is planned to open in a phased way from September 2009 with 162 year seven students. Further year groups will join in subsequent years with the school accommodating in total 810 students aged 11-16, plus a sixth form of 250 students by 2016.

The Chelsea Academy is a state-funded independent school, so no fees are charged. The independent status gives flexibility to be innovative and creative in the curriculum, timetabling, staffing and governance.

Chelsea Academy is striving to become an outstanding centre of education. In order to fulfil their aspirations to create a school able to compete with the best in the country, additional funding is required to help provide the very best facilities for these children.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following manufacturers who have very kindly and generously supported The Chelsea Academy by donating instruments and equipment for the music department:





July 2011
The Foundation is supporting a bursary scheme, so that all students, regardless of their financial circumstances, would be able to access suitable tuition in music.

July 2012
The Foundation is continuing its support of the bursary scheme for music lessons.

July 2013
The Foundation is continuing its support of the bursary scheme for music lessons.

March 2014
The Foundation has funded the purchase of 8 microphones for the Academy for school productions.

September 2014
The Bryan Adams Foundation is supporting a new initiative at the Academy: Chelsea Academy Community Choir. It will be a fully inclusive choir, open to local residents, parents, staff and anyone who would like to sing as part of a large ensemble – the focus being upon enjoyment over ability, but maintaining the focus on quality at the same time. 
June 2015
Bryan went to visit Chelsea Academy to see one of the Community Choir practice sessions in progress.

March 2015
Bryan visited Chelsea Academy on 10th March 2015 and saw a singing lesson, a percussion lesson and then saw a group of Music Scholars preparing for a concert creating their own arrangement of 'Skyfall' for piano, trumpet, voice and violin.

The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported in the region of 840 students at the Academy over the past few years to have instrumental / vocal tuition.  Currently the Foundation supports 61% of all students having lessons in the Academy.
Hoping Foundation
February 2010

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to the Hoping Foundation. Hoping stands for Hope and Optimism for Palestinians in the Next Generation.

Friday 20th November 2009 was the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. To mark the anniversary, Hoping, in partnership with the UN's Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) unveiled a project in which almost 50,000 Palestine refugee school leavers across the Middle East took part in the creation of the region's first ever online video yearbook. This project captures their hopes and dreams and creates an online community, previously divided and scattered by decades of statelessness and exile.

Hundreds of flip cams were distributed to tens of thousands of students in UNRWA schools in Gaza, the West BAnk, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Each student recorded 30 second message. They will form the basis of a living network for the future, to be added to each year.

To enable the students to access the Yearbook website, HOPING now needs to provide computers for 373 UNRWA secondary schools. 
The Bryan Adams Foundation has provided a grant to cover the cost of 3 computers.
Facing Africa- Noma
January 2010

Noma (cancrum oris) is an acute and ravaging gangrenous infection affecting the face. The victims of Noma are mainly children under the age of 6, caught in a vicious circle of extreme poverty and chronic malnutrition.

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a donation to Facing Africa - Noma, which provides funds for the visits of teams of voluntary surgeons from the UK, Germany and Holland to Nigeria and Ethiopia to perform facial reconstruction surgery on the victims of the disease noma, and the aquisition of related equipment for hospitals in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) and Sokoto (Nigeria)
Canadian Red Cross Appeal for Haiti Earthquake
January 2010

On 12th January 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck off the western coast of Haiti. Buildings all over the Haitian capital of Port au Prince collapsed, killing thousands and trapping thousands more. It’s estimated that three million people have been affected by the disaster, and 200,000 have been left homeless. Chaos has descended in the city, as survivors desperately search for food, water and shelter amid the rubble.

The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported the Canadian Red Cross, whose response was immediate, thanks to hundreds of local volunteers with the Haitian Red Cross. Since the earthquake struck, more than 400 International Red Cross workers have hit the ground in Haiti (including 12 trained emergency response workers), along with 70 tons of food, water and medical supplies. More aid is arriving every day.

The Canadian Red Cross is mobilizing to support relief efforts in Haiti—providing medical support, clean water, food and shelter to people who have lost everything.
They also look beyond immediate relief, to the Haitian people’s longer-term needs as they recover from this enormous tragedy and begin to rebuild their communities. Aside from the human toll—which continues to climb—this earthquake has robbed hundreds of thousands of people of their homes and livelihoods, in a country that is already the poorest in the western hemisphere.
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children - Theatres Appeal

November 2009

Amazing things happen at Great Ormond Street Hospital every day.
Each year, the hospital treats over 8,000 children with neurological and craniofacial conditions, such as epilepsy, stroke and Crouzon syndrome.
The Theatres for Theatres appeal aims to raise £4 million to develop two new state-of-the-art operating theatres to be used to treat children with complex and often life-threatening neurological and craniofacial conditions. The Theatres will create world-class facilities which could allow them to treat up to 20% more children in the next 10 years.

The neurosciences clinical team have been closely involved in the design of the theatres. Having the anaesthetic room next to the theatres, means that parents can stay with their child while they are sedated. The new equipment is much more flexible to allow the set up in the theatre to best suit the needs of the patient and the operating team. For example, the new theatres will have additional monitors to show the patients' scans. Without this facility, the surgeons have to move away from the operating table to find the information they need. The operating theatres will also have two-way audio visual communications and telemedicine facilities so that our expert surgical teams can share their knowledge and experience with others.

To find out more, please visit:
Saturday Club for Deaf Children
November 2009

The Bryan Adams Foundation has awarded a grant to The Saturday Club, which provides a social club for deaf children living on the Isle of Wight. It has approximately 36 members with ages ranging from pre-school through to 18. The club provides activities, trips, experiences and outings that are focused on developing good social skills, improving communication abilities and increasing self-confidence and esteem.
A World of Dreams Foundation Canada

November 2009

William has just returned from Costa Rica, where his dream of visiting the butterfly farm came true. You can see his trip in the attached photographs.

October 2009

The Bryan Adams Foundation has decided to support A World of Dreams Foundation Canada, which makes dreams happen for terminally and critically ill, as well as chronically ill children. Over the years, the Foundation has helped children suffering from illnesses such as heart conditions, severe burns, blindness, deafness, or chronic illnesses like muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. Whether it’s a trip to Disney or a laptop computer, dreams give children the strength to keep their spirits soaring high.

Here are the dreams that the BA Foundation's grant has enabled:

Gabriel is a 7-year old living in Laval, Quebec, coping everyday with autism spectrum disorder. Gabriel’s dream is to meet his friends from Disney World, which we were able to grant and now Gabriel will be going to Disney World, Florida, with his family on November 26 for a week.
Jade, 10-years old, lives in the small town of Oliver, British Colombia, was born with Down Syndrome and Congenital Heart Disease. Jade’s dream is to be a mermaid and swim with the dolphins. Because of your generosity we were able to grant Jade’s dream and she will be travelling to Discovery Cove in Orlando, where she will get to put on her mermaid dress and then get into a wet suit and swim with the dolphins.
William (11-years old) lives in Montreal, Quebec, and suffers from a pervasive developmental disorder. He is an artist who gets much of his inspiration from the rare blue butterflies of Costa Rica. William’s dream came true when we sent him tickets to travel to Costa Rica to take a private tour of a blue butterfly farm at the end of October.
Timothy is a 8-year old from Victoria, British Colombia, suffering from autism and epilepsy, his favourite pastime is to watch his friend Thomas the Train on the television. We were able to grant Timothy’s dream and send him a full Thomas the Train set for his newly furnished playroom we helped supply.
Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, Vancouver
September 2009

The BA Foundation has made a grant to the oncology department at the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, which aims to support the highest quality health care on the North Shore in Vancouver.
Liver Good Life
September 2009

The BA Foundation has made a grant to Liver Good Life, a charity set up by a seventeen year old girl called Jazzy de Lisser, who was born with Hepatitis C. She has spent the last 15 months on Interferon and Rivavirin treatment to try to cure herself whilst studying for he Alevels but her treatment has so far not worked. Whilst continuing her quest for a cure, she has decided to use her illness as a platform to raise awareness and funding for research in to Hepatitis C virus and other liver associated diseases. Liver disease ranks as the 5th biggest killer in the UK but there is an alarming lack of public awareness, especially amongst young people. It is a major concern for everyone, especially as some liver diseases are affected by lifestyle and behaviour.

To see the "Liver Good Life" Campaign targeted at young people, which as been made by Jazzy and one of her best friends, Coco Sumner, please visit:
April 2009

With a grant to The Bread of Life Home for Children in St Vincent, in the West Indies, The Bryan Adams Foundation will help support the children who have either been affected by or infected by HIV/ AIDS. The home is part of the ministry of the Corpus Christ Carmelite Sisters in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and these children, whose own families are unable to care for them, are looked after by one nun, Sister Zita.

January 2011

The BA Foundation has purchased a commercial high quality stainless steel fridge for the Bread of Life Home for Children in St Vincent
Breast Cancer Haven, London
June 2009

The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported a counselling project at the Haven in London, enabling women and their families to talk about their worries and fears and how their cancer is affecting them.

For anyone with breast cancer life can seem bleak. No matter how excellent the medical care they receive, the emotional impact of their diagnosis and treatment can be devastating. The skilled counselling provided by Breast Cancer Haven, entirely free of charge, can make all the difference in enabling them to cope. Every year 45,000 women in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer and the Haven's aim is to help some of these women achieve the best possible quality of life.
Build It International
April 09
Following the success of the Butempa school building project, The Bryan Adams Foundation has decided to make an additional grant to Build It International to support the building of further schools in Zambia, promoting sustainable building technologies that minimize damage to the environment, and training people along the way in sustainable, environmentally friendly building skills. The approach is to work with local builders and communities to deliver essential, low-cost buildings.

The school at St Agness has got off to a flying start and it is up to window level (see attached photos).

October 2011
The Bryan Adams Foundation continues to support Build It International, by donating to its Livelihood & Community Schools programme in rural. This will provide improved access to basic education for around 3,600 children each year

FXB South Africa: The After-School Program
March 2009

Through a grant to The Francois Xavier Bagnoud Foundation, The Bryan Adams Foundation is supporting the FXB after-school program operating in four townships of Johannesburg, serving 250 children and young people (aged 12-18) who have been directly affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic in South Africa. Led by social workers and educators, the programs provide educational support and tutoring, training in HIV prevention and awareness, life-skills such as reproductive health and financial planning, and leadership training to young people who may otherwise have few resources or mentors in their life.

All students receive a daily meal after school and additional food to take home, as well as school supplies and uniforms. Trained social workers counsel children one-on-one and in group settings, and intervene at home when necessary. As part of the program, young people propose and carry out community development projects each year.

(Photographsby Alain Wicht, FXB International)
March 2009

The Bryan Adams Foundation has decided to support a Canadian charity, VOICE, which informs and educates the general public about how deaf children can learn to listen and speak, and gives parents the support and hope they need in raising their deaf child. The charity aims to give deaf children a voice for life and currently provides auditory-verbal therapy to more than 100 children. Ensuring these kids can go to school with their hearing peers has been one of VOICE's key goals. In addition to providing support to hundreds of families and hearing professionals, VOICE advocacy was instrumental in the Ontario government's introduction of newborn infant hearing screening in 2003. The organisation continues to lobby other provincial governments to introduce this important measure.

The grant will be used to fund VOICE's 2009 conference for parents and professionals who support children with hearing loss and this year's theme is 'Music to My Ears', encouraging the children to listen, talk and learn to love music.

November 2009
We have been informed by VOICE that the conference held in March at the University of Guelph in Ontario was the most successful and well-attended Conference ever for parents and professionals that support deaf children who are learning to listen, talk and love music. Over 250 participants enjoyed a day of learning and information sharing.

December 2010
The BA Foundation is awarding an additional grant to VOICE to enable them to teach a child with hearing loss to listen, understand language and speak, changing the life of a child by giving them the chance to live a fully engaged and enriched life in a hearing and speaking world.

May 2012
Bryan visited VOICE in Toronto to meet the team and one of the families who have been supported by the charity.

October 2013

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant to support AVT (Auditory-Verbal Therapy) for 2 children for one year. The objective of the AVT approach is to teach children who are deaf or hard of hearing to use whatever usable hearing they have in order to acquire speech and language, enabling them to become fully integrated and independent members of the community. The therapy operates on the principal that usable hearing is common to 95% of all children with hearing loss. The child is taught to become are of sound so that listening becomes automatic and the child seeks out sounds in life. VOICE subsides between 50-100% of all children's therapy costs to ensure all children who requite it can receive AVT.

February 2015
Bryan met a family who had been helped by VOICE, whilst he was on tour in Canada. The family had backstage access to Bryan’s show in Hamilton, and Bryan signed his cochlear implant!

For more information visit:
Statement on behalf of HOPING for the people of Gaza
January 2009

This statement was signed by a number of prominent and distinguished British citizens, on behalf of HOPING for the people of Gaza, and they hope it will be widely publicized.

As supporters of HOPING, a charity working to strengthen the lives of Palestinian refugee children, we are horrified by the cruel and massive loss of life of the citizens of Gaza, and by the failure of our politicians to put adequate pressure in order to achieve an immediate end to the carnage. HOPING’s work with UNRWA in Gaza and elsewhere is centred upon building hope for the young generation of Palestinians that they might have a life with peace, justice, and dignity. We are shocked by the bombing of three UNRWA schools in Gaza where families have taken refuge, killing so many of them, and by the deaths of dozens of children this past week. We demand immediate action from our political leaders, and the leaders of Europe, who under the Geneva Conventions and international humanitarian law have a responsibility to stop the continuing assault, and who have not done enough to ensure a ceasefire. We call for an immediate end to the Israeli attack on the citizens and civic institutions of Gaza; for an opening to all crossings points into Gaza; and for an end to the siege and blockade of Gaza. We insist upon hope for the children of Gaza, and the children of Palestine wherever they live in refugee camps across the Middle East, so that they can live in freedom from injustice, war, and military occupation.

Bryan Adams
Laura Bailey
Russell Brand
Jake and Dinos Chapman
Caryl Churchill
Lily Cole
Sophie Dahl
Robert Del Naja (3D)
Harry Enfield
Rupert Everett
Eric Fellner
Colin Firth
Robert Fox
Stephen Frears
Bella Freud
Bobby Gillespie
Jools Holland
Bianca Jagger
Stephen Jones
Jemima Khan
Hanif Kureishi
Annie Lennox
Christian Louboutin
Shane MacGowan
Davina McCall
Samantha Morton
Karma Nabulsi
Philip Pullman
Hannah Rothschild
Will Self
Alexandra Shulman
Sharleen Spiteri
David Tang
Philip Treacy
John Galliano
Gaza Emergency Appeal
January 2009

In response to the catastrophe currently faced by Gaza’s citizens, The Bryan Adams Foundation has contributed to the Emergency Appeal of the Welfare Association and the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

Both organizations are providing essential emergency relief to those currently suffering as a result of the terrible daily bombardment. The Palestine Red Crescent Society are responsible for most emergency medical care in Gaza: evacuating the wounded from damaged buildings, giving first aid, and transferring them to hospital where they have provided extra staff to help cope with the huge number of patients. Their emergency appeal is to raise money for medical supplies, relief items, and ambulances in addition to the core cost of their emergency operations. The Welfare Association are currently providing urgently needed fuel and medical supplies to hospitals and health centres in Gaza, as well as food packages and blankets to over 3,000 families.

For more information:

Welfare Association:
Palestine Red Crescent:
FANDA- Argentina
April 2009
FANDA has decided to allocate the grant from the BA Foundation to a detection and sensorial treatment programme in 2 orphanages, looking after a total of 60 children between the age of 3 months and 5 years old. Many of these children have been abandoned by parents suffering from AIDS or from alcohol or drug addiction. The aim is to detect any hearing loss in the children at an early stage and fit hearing aids to those that need it.

August 2008

The Bryan Adams Foundation, in collaboration with The Hear the World Foundation, has made a grant to support FANDA, Foundation For The Assistance Of The Hearing-Impaired Children. FANDA's purpose is to assist hearing-impaired children in low income families in Argentina. The organisation works to diagnose hearing loss and helps with auditory training and the donation of hearing aids to those children in need.
New Orleans - 'Make It Right'
August 2008

Following his concert in New Orleans in July, Bryan decided to
support the redevelopment of the city after the destruction caused
by Hurricane Katrina, which struck in August 2005 by donating all
the profits from his show. The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a
grant to Make It Right, who are currently re-building homes in the
Lower Ninth Ward. The first houses are on schedule to be completed
by the end of the summer, around the anniversary of the storm.
Further construction will continue shortly after the initial homes
are completed.
Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy
July 08

A donation has been made to Nordoff-Robbins, a charity which provides over 30,000 music therapy sessions in the UK every year. Music therapy boosts confidence and well-being for both children and adults who face illness, disability or trauma.

“Music is universal in that it can encompass all heights and depths of human experience, all shades of feeling. It can lead or accompany the psyche through all conditions of inner experience, whether these be superficial and relatively commonplace or profound and deeply personal.”

In therapy, clients are invited to improvise music on simple instruments with a trained music therapist. The therapist helps them to use these improvisations to bring about positive changes in their area of need, be they physical, emotional, neurological or developmental.
Hogar Retono Orphanage, Montevideo, Uruguay
April 2008:

The Bryan Adams Foundation is funding the construction of a 'psychomotor function room' at the Hogar Retono Orphanage in Montevideo in Uruguay. The room will play a crucial role in the lives of the children, providing a safe environment for them to learn and play and allowing their sensory motor functions to develop to their maximum potential.

The frustrations that these children have suffered in their short lives and the difficulties experienced through lack of protection can impede their
social, emotional, affective, sensory motor, linguistic and cognitive development. Institutionalisation can also affect these areas, limiting the children's impulses and spontaneous behaviour. Therefore the room will be designed to stimulate the children, offering a space to paint and draw, dress-up and do roll-plays; play with musical instruments making different kinds of noises, sounds and rhythms; run, jump, balance and roll.

July 2008:
Construction has started- see attached photos.

April 2009:
The psychomotor function room has now been completed- see attached photos

January 2010
The psychomotor room has now been completed and formally opened. The Ambassador of Canada to Uruguay attended the opening along with other members of the Embassy and friends of the orphanage. You can see photographs here of the finished playroom.
School & Conservation Project in Haiti

February 2008
The Bryan Adams Foundation is collaborating with the journalism students of Plantation High School in Florida to fund an education and conservation project at a secondary school in Haiti. As well as funding building works at the school, the project will also raise awareness on the perils facing wild dolphins and manatees. The students are in the process of raising funds.

May 2008
The website has been awarded the 2008 Doors to Diplomacy Award by the US Department of State. The award recognises the websites that best teach young people about the importance of international affairs and diplomacy.

September 2008
The Bryan Adams Foundation will now be working together with a select group of students from Leesburg High School in Central Florida to fund an education and conservation project at a secondary school in Labadee Village, Haiti. In addition to funding the school, the students will be developing a marine and environmental science curriculum in English and Creole and working with architects and engineers to design one of the first solar-powered secondary schools in Haiti -

February 2009
There have been exciting developments in this marine science project in Haiti, which as now been named ‘HOPE’- Haitian Ocean Project for the Environment. A property, owned by the American Haitian Foundation, in a fishing village located on the southwestern peninsula of Haiti has been identified to serve as the base, which will include a classroom and a marine science laboratory. A Haitian maritime expert has donated two boats and 20 students have been selected to be part of this marine science programme- all are excited to be involved.
The International Hospital for Children
February 2008

The Bryan Adams Foundation has supported The International Hospital for Children, which links worldwide paediatric surgical, diagnostic and preventative resources to heal critically ill children in developing countries. The IHC sends surgical teams to their partner countries to teach specialised procedures to the local doctors and nurses. And brings complex cases for treatment to a growing network of US and international partner hospitals. The IHC’s recent project in Kingstown, St Vincent allowed 15 children to be operated on. Local surgeons were brought in on 13 of these cases, greatly expanding the range of operations typically available at the hospital for such small children. Two of the cases seen were new born babies with a condition called gastroschisis, a birth defect in which the baby’s intestines, at birth, remain outside the baby’s body through an opening in the abdominal wall. You can see photographs of some of the children who were treated.

For more information, please visit

Build It International
January 2008:

The Bryan Adams Foundation has made a grant has been made to Build IT International to construct a classroom block in a school in Zambia. Build IT International trains local builders in sustainable building technologies creating much needed employment and in so doing improving the schools for the children. This building project has not yet commenced, but examples of previous schools which have been renovated by Build It International can be seen here and at

April 2008:
The director of Build It International has just returned from Zambia where he carried out a number of community planned meetings prior to the start of the building season, which is just starting now that the rains have finished. The grant from the BA Foundation will be used to upgrade Butempa School (photographs attached). The community have identified the need for a new 2 classroom block and 2 houses to attract and retain qualified staff. A lead builder will train community members to make Interlocking Stabilised Soil Blocks and micro cement roof tiles, who will act as the labour team for the construction work.

July 2008:
The building work is in full swing. The photographs show the community planning involvement at Butempa with the micro cement roof tile machine in action and the production of the interlocking stabalised soil blocks.

April 09
The Butempa School building work is complete and it now being kitted out with equipment (see attached photos) . Equally exciting news is that one of the builders working on the building of the School, has just landed his first job. He has been hired by the buildings department of the Ministry of Education in Zambia and he is delighted. Build IT International is also celebrating Joel’s success.

The Frank Longford Charitable Trust
December 2007:
Britain’s prisons are full to bursting and the prison population continues to grow. Recent research suggests that 59% of those released after completing their prison sentence will be reconvicted within two years. The link between low educational achievement while at school and subsequent criminal behaviour is well established. Our prison system does strive to address this issue with varying degrees of success and a number of offenders emerge from jail with the basis of a good education. Some then want to carry on into higher education on enabling them to rebuild their lives. But they all face one major obstacle - it is extremely hard for them to get funding. The Frank Longford Charitable Trust offers such individuals the chance to make the most of their abilities and lives by awarding Longford Scholarships. No other organisation runs such a grant programme directed at ex-prisoners. The Trust helps scholars undertaking a range of courses from behavioural psychology at Huddersfield University to Maths at Cambridge.

Some of the short-term benefits of the scholarships are:

a) Scholars helped away from immediate re-offending;
b) The creation of positive role models for other young offenders;
c) The generation of ambition and hope amongst young offenders; and
d) The encouragement of rapid rehabilitation and re-integration into society, including through the unique boost in self-esteem that education can provide.

Some of the long-term benefits of the scholarships are:

a) Broad reduction in re-offending;
b) Demonstration of the power of education as a means of tackling the current high levels of re-offending (latest figures show it to be 74% amongst offenders under the age of 21);
c) Stimulation of creative thinking and public policy as to means of reducing re-offending;
d) Through its emphasis on courses that will allow scholars to put something back, it will help to train a new generation of people to work with offenders and ex-offenders. It is our belief that this is a crucial element in reducing offending and re-offending rates in the United Kingdom. Further, the skills acquired will be applied to the prison field, further assisting in reform process; and
e) Improved education within prisons themselves.

July 2008:

The Bryan Adams Foundation awarded a grant in December to The Frank Longford Charitable Trust to go towards a Longford Scholarship for an ex-offender.

The donation will provide a three-year scholarship for Dan, a 25-year-old
ex-offender. He served three years in prison for theft, but through his
involvement with the prison education department gained the qualifications
to win a place to study communications at the University of Greenwich. Our
funding will contribute to his living expenses as he rebuilds his life
outside prison. The Longford trustees were particularly impressed by the
dedication Dan had shown in his education work while in prison. His role,
in the prison education department, as a volunteer tutor and mentor to
others less able was to his credit. "I feel," he wrote in his personal
statement, "that I can use my own life experiences to help others and
hopefully help those I am teaching by understanding their lives from my own
experience. I believe I have a great deal to offer and have the potential to
be a role model and teacher." He plans to making teaching his career. He
will be assigned a Longford Trust mentor to support him throughout his time
at university.

For further information about the trust, please visit

Marion House, St Vincent
November 2007:

A grant was awarded to Marion House, a social service centre on the island of St Vincent in the West Indies. Through its Young Parents Empowerment Programme for parents aged between 15 and 25 years old, Marion House helps provide the necessary skills to the large number of teenage parents on the island to enable them to be better parents, and help them earn a living whilst being a parent at the same time. The young parents are offered help in the areas of communication, parental responsibilities, discipline, child abuse, HIV and Aids education. The aim is to help young parents increase their self-confidence, which enables them to exercise more self control, hopefully leading to an increased interest in and responsibility for the development of their children.
Our Lady of Guadalupe Home for Girls, St Vincent
November 2007:

A grant was made to Our Lady of Guadalupe Home for Girls on the island of St Vincent in the West Indies, which provides a safe, supportive and caring home for abused and abandoned young women. The programme encourages the physical, emotional, academic and spiritual growth of the disadvantaged girls. The home is spearheaded by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Kingstown and the accommodation caters for up to sixteen girls between the ages of 12 and 18.
WORLD – Welfare Organisation for Rural Land Development
October 2007:

The Bryan Adams Foundation supported a project to promote education in 5 remote rural villages in the State of Andhra Pradesh in India. The project focused on children between the ages of 6 and 14 who were not currently receiving an education. The fundamental problem is that many of the children in the rural villages go to work in the fields to supplement their family’s income rather than go to school. It is often particularly discouraged for the girls to go to school. The teaching methods can be far from inspirational and the parents can’t see that an education could benefit their children in later life, and so the children drop out of the system.

For more information you can visit
The Tsunami Guitar Project- Overview
The inspiration behind the setting up of The Bryan Adams Foundation came from the success of the ‘Tsunami Guitar Fund’. Following the tragedy of the 2004 tsunami, Bryan Adams launched a project to benefit those who had been affected by the disaster. With the donation of a Stratocaster guitar from Fender, which was signed by 19 of the world’s greatest musicians, and a very kind donation from Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned who bought the guitar in 2005, two very important projects were financed:

- The construction of a new recreation center and swimming pool in Sri Lanka for the disadvantaged rural children and youth badly affected by the tsunami.

- The re-building of a school damaged by the tsunami in Thailand.

The names of the guitarists that signed the famous guitar are: Adams, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Ray Davies (The Kinks), Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher (Oasis), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath), Mick Jagger and Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones), Mark Knopfler (Dire Straights), Brian May (Queen), Paul McCartney (Beatles, Wings), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Sting (The Police), Pete Townshend (The Who), Ronnie Wood (Faces, The Rolling Stones), Angus Young and Malcolm Young (AC/DC).
The Tsunami Guitar Project- Swimming Pool in Sri Lanka
December 2005:

The grant was made by the BAF to the Foundation of Goodness and enabled a 25m swimming pool with 6 lanes to be constructed. Seven rural schools in the region of Seenigama, 120 KM from the capital Colombo, can benefit from this, to help the children who were badly affected by the tsunami. It was declared formally open on 1 July 2007. The grant also enabled the adjoining land to be purchased to construct an outdoor multi-sports centre.

For more information about the Foundation of Goodness, log on to

March 2008:
With only 6 months of squad training in the BA swimming pool, a boy named Amila, who was badly affected by the tsunami, has won the Sri Lanka novices aquatic championship 50 metres free-style event at the Colombo indoor stadium. Before the swimming pool was built in Seenigama, this child swam only in the river and ocean, but having been properly trained by coaching staff including overseas volunteers, he has shown tremendous improvement and is now an inspiration to the other disadvantaged boys and girls in the villages around Seenigama.

The Tsunami Guitar Project- Re-building of school in Thailand
January 2006:

The grant was made to HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Special Task Unit to finance the renovation of Ban Nai Rai School in the Tai-Muang district, Phang-na Province of Thailand.