Application Guidelines

Please complete the website application form which can be accessed via the link below:

We would request that you do not send a covering email or covering letter which
refers to your application as the Trustees will not look at this and will only review
the application form.
Please send the application to the email address given on the form.There are no
deadlines and applications can be submitted at any time, provided that

you do not already have an active grant from us or an application that is being

if you applied previously and were unsuccessful, that more than 12 months has
passed since you received your declinaton letter, and that the circumstances from
the original application have changed.

We will usually provide grants that range from 500 to 10,000. Applicants must
specify the amount they require. The Trustees may choose to stagger a grant or
make any commitment to funding subject to satisfactory reports. Grants must only
be used for the purpose stated in the application form.



To download the application form click here:

Download Application Form PDF



Please send the following information with your application. If you do not include all
of the information requested, your application may be declined as we will be unable
to complete a full assessment.

A photocopy of your most recent annual accounts, bearing signatures of approval
from your independent examiner and your board / committee

A photocopy of your signed governing document
(e.g. Rules, Constitution, Memorandum and Articles of Association etc.)

A photocopy of a recent bank statement signed by your Chair and Chief Executive
(or equivalent) as a true copy.


Your organisation must be a registered charity

The Foundation is not able to accept applications from individuals or for individual
research or study. This includes gap year activities, study trips, fundraising
expeditions and sponsorship.

Typically the Foundation does not fund one-off events such as galas or festivals,
even if for fundraising purposes. The Foundation is also unable to provide


Unfortunately we have to turn down many good applications. Due to the high
number of applications we receive it is our policy not to provide reasons for
declining applications to unsuccessful applicants; however the most common
reasons are:

Limited funds available

The size of the grant requested exceeds our maximum allocation

Your organisation is not a registered charity

The application form has not been completed in full

Additional information requested on the application form has not been enclosed

The application does not meet the funding criteria

There are concerns over the financial stability of your organisation

There are concerns over the Governance of your organization

The work being applied for is outside of the charitable objectives of
The Bryan Adams Foundation

Unsuccessful applicants will need to wait at least one year from the date on which
they were declined before reapplying.


Due to the high number of applications received, we are unable to reply to
individual requests for acknowledgment. Only applicants whose applications are
successful will be notified of the outcome.