The Bryan Adams Foundation
The Bryan Adams Foundation was set up in 2006 by the musician and photographer Bryan Adams shortly after the tsunami struck southern Asia. The Foundation aims to improve the quality of peopleís lives around the world by providing financial grants to support specific projects that are committed to bettering the lives of other people.

The Foundation seeks to protect the most vulnerable or disadvantaged individuals in society. It aims particularly to advance education and learning opportunities for children and young people worldwide, believing that an education is the best gift that a child can be given. The Foundationís area of support is, however, broad and far-reaching, enabling grants to be given to all sorts of fields around the world, particularly to do with education and children in need.

The Trustees generally do not make grants in response to unsolicited applications and do not normally make grants to individuals.

The Foundation aims to transform thousands of lives.
Bryan Adams
John Armitage
Raffy Manoukian
Alicia Grimaldi

Julie Symes, Director of OJK Accountancy

The Bryan Adams Foundation is a registered charity in the UK.
Charity Registration Number: 1117863

The Bryan Adams Foundation takes advice on grants from New Philanthropy Capital.
John Armitage is Chief Investment Officer for Egerton Capital Limited Partnership. He graduated from Cambridge University in 1981 with an MA in Modern History and joined the Investment Division of Morgan Grenfell, becoming Director of Morgan Grenfell Asset Management in 1991. In 1994, he left Morgan Grenfell to start Egerton Capital Limited with William Bollinger.

In 2005, Armitage raised £1.3 million from a concert and auction entitled 'Rock by the River' for the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, with a performance by Bryan Adams. The event was successfully repeated in 2007.
Raffy Manoukian was educated in Beirut in Lebanon.

Amongst his many philanthropic projects, he is a Trustee of Elton John Aids Foundation UK and an Advisory Board Member for The Duke of York Sports Foundation and the University of Oxford Humanities Campaign.

The Raffy Manoukian Scholarships support pupils studying at the University of Oxford, the Royal Academy of Music, the American University of Beirut, the Armenian Evangelical College in Beirut and the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory in Armenia. He also supports The Queen Elizabeth Foundation, Amnesty International and the Naked Heart Foundation.
Alicia helped set up the Foundation in 2004, following the success of the auction of the tsunami guitar, which broke the world record as the most expensive guitar ever sold, when it was purchased in Qatar for £1.6million.

She spear-headed the inaugural fund-raising event for the Foundation in 2009 with £60,000 being raised at An Evening of Opera & Picnic at The Royal Hospital Chelsea in London.

Alicia graduated from Cambridge in 2001 with a degree in Social & Political Sciences, having switched from Medicine at the end of the first year. She has a long-standing interest in fund-raising and this summer swam across The Solent from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight to raise funds for The Honeypot Charity, which supports children who are young carers.